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Liquid Frames symposium and workshop

5th International Symposium for theory and design in the digital age under
slogan 'Liquid Frames' with a workshop in architecture will take place
from 9th to 17th August in Groznjan (Croatia).

Theory: Nigel Whiteley (Lancaster University, GB)
Workshop: Penezic & Rogina architects (Zagreb, HR)
Guest critics: Antonino Saggio (La Sapienza, Rome, I); Srecko Horvat,
theoretician; Musica Ex Machina, electronic / industrial music group;
Martin Semencic recording arts (HR).
Time: 9–17 August 2008
Facility: Rijecka zgrada
Language: English
Participants: 15 – 20
Participation fee and lodging: 350 EUR

Nigel Whiteley, theoretician of architecture, design and media, professor
of Visual Arts at Lancaster University, UK. His book entitled Reyner
Banham: Historian of the Immediate Future was published in 2002 by MIT
Press. He has been a visiting professor in India and China, and has
recently worked in South Korea, Japan and the USA. No stranger to Croatia,
he is the author of Digitalization of Reality, the book that deals with
P&R’s projects published in Rome in IT Revolution series edited by
Antonino Saggio. More at http://www.lancs.ac.uk

Penezic & Rogina architects; established by Vinko Penezic and Kresimir
Rogina; awarded six times at competitions in Japan; realised a number of
projects of various typologies; exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2000
and 2004 and at the Milan Triennale 2005; their works are published in
Croatian and foreign professional literature; part of their interest is
theory and architecture criticism. More at www.penezic-rogina.com

Detailed information at groznjan la hgm.hr or
ivana.biocina la penezic-rogina.com More about Groznjan at

In the past, the relationship between architecture and music has been
indistinct and fuzzy. The idea that architecture is frozen music was just
a metaphor, referring to the commonality of orders, rhythms and ratios.
Architecture once provided an enabling framework for music – concert hall
or nightclub – but it could not respond to, or interact with, music.

Now, music has exploded out of particular places designed to house and
regulate it because of the mobility of music through Walkmans, followed by
MP3 players and iPods. Laptops and mobiles link us to music libraries, and
YouTube puts us in touch with performances and events.

Our relationship to music has changed in the last quarter century: music
is now everywhere and nowhere: ubiquitous, placeless and intense. It can
be private and personal, an interior sound to a silent soul; or it can be
public and shared, an exterior expression of active bodies. Music can be
planned, shuffled or spontaneous; created, recreated or imitated;
performed, acted or mimed.

This transformation in music must have profound repercussions for
architecture, but we have hardly begun to think of them. The Symposium
will explore the connections and complexions between architecture and
music. For example, if architecture used to be 'frozen music' in the age
of classicism, what is it now in an age of individualism?

How can new forms of music shape styles of architecture? Is there an
architectural equivalent to John Cage, Philip Glass, Radiohead? [or
whoever you like!]
How can architects and designers respond to new modes of experiencing music?
Can public and private space actively interact?
Does digital design offer an active architectural experience of music?
Does the privacy and placelessness of music negate architecture, or
liberate it?

As Groznjan has been the city of music for years one find it the perfect
place to investigate the complex relations of Architecture and Music in an
exceptionally relaxed atmosphere.

The symposium is fundamentally practical. Workshops hosted by P&R
(www.penezic-rogina.com) are supplemented by discussions, led by Nigel
Whiteley (www.lancs.ac.uk).

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