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Subject: DISONANCIAS call for artists
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Ania Bas / Tecnalia

Call for artists to collaborate on joint research projects with companies
and organisations located in the Basque country, Spain.


Deadline for applications: 7 July 2008, 9 am (local time).
Collaboration period: from 15 October 2008 to 15 July 2009 (9 months).
Fields of research: mainly associated with urban dynamics, creative
environments, technologies (data visualisation) and materials (glass,
For more information: http://www.disonancias.com

DISONANCIAS is pleased to announce the call for proposals from
international artists who wish to participate in its third annual edition.

DISONANCIAS is a platform that promotes relationships between artists and
companies, research centres or public organisations in order to foster
innovation in all its aspects and transmit to society the importance of
developing creative environments.

Artists are asked to develop, in collaboration with a team, a prototype,
procedure or idea based on a framework predefined by one of the
participating entities: either companies (BULTZAKI, EZARRI, PROIEK,
SEGUROS LAGUN ARO), public organisations (Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council,
EiTB) or universities (Tecnológico Fundación Deusto, Mondragón

The concepts they wish to investigate can be grouped within three main

- investigations related to urban dynamics: social and commercial dynamics
for the city centre (Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council), an encounter point
based on urban furniture and on the concept of urbanotics (PROIEK), and
new uses for a branch network (SEGUROS LAGUN ARO).

- related to the development of creative environments, in this case for
the different users of a Faculty of Engineering (Mondragón

- investigations related to technological or material
application/developments: visualisation of Artificial Intelligence
techniques (Tecnológico Fundación Deusto - S3Lab), new applications for
recycled glass or glass mosaics (EZARRI), new applications for wire and
metal tube (BULTZAKI).

In the special case of EiTB (Basque Radio and Television), the artist(s)
is requested to research into the documentary format using documentation
reflecting the processes developed within the
collaboration projects.

The submitted proposals will be examined by a jury including Jorge Luis
Marzo and Juan Freire. The pre-selected artists will be informed in
mid-July, and will get a chance to defend their project during a
conference call with the hosting organisation. The final decision will be
taken by the hosting entities and will be communicated at the end of
August 2008.

DISONANCIAS gives priority to the involvement of artists who: are
committed to their environment; feel that art can be a factor of social
transformation; are interested in stimulating interaction between
different cultural and social systems; and who can contribute to
collective work.

The call is open to artists working with any type of medium and in any
discipline, either individually or as a group. There is no limit on age,
nationality or place of residence.

The selected artists or group of artists will each receive a minimum
amount of 10,000 euros – up to 12,000 euros, depending on their
geographical origin - as a fee for the work carried out and for their
travel and accommodation costs. Costs that may be generated in the
development of the research work and associated with external companies
and suppliers should not exceed 6,000 euros + VAT, and they should be
previously approved by the hosting entity.

Full information regarding the participating organisations, the teams that
will be involved, the concepts they wish to investigate, and the rules for
participation is available at http://www.disonancias.com

For more information you can also send us a message to
info la disonancias.com , or call us on
+34 943 27 85 01.

DISONANCIAS is sponsored mainly by the Basque Government (Industry, Trade
and Tourism Department), is supported by Innobasque, and is promoted by
Grupo Xabide.
DISONANCIAS is member of artsactive.net

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