[Oberlist] EE* Call: DEADLINE EXTENDED! - Symptoms of nationalism and critique of nationalism in the practice

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Dum Apr 27 15:33:14 CEST 2008

Vladimir Us
artist & curator
http://www.oberliht.org.md> Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 15:03:13 +0300> Subject: Call for participation - DEADLINE EXTENDED! - Symptoms of nationalism and critique of nationalism in the practice of contemporary art> From: moskva80 la moskva80.com> To: info la moskva80.com> CC: artinfo la cca.ee; foorum la artun.ee> > > DEADLINE EXTENDED TILL MAY 5TH: PLEASE FORWARD TO THE ONES WHO MIGHT BE> INTERESTED IN ISSUES ADDRESSED!!!> > > > CALL FOR PARTICIPATION> International Summer Camp for Contemporary Art Professionals> Symptoms of nationalism and critique of nationalism in the practice of> contemporary art> July 10--17, 2008, Pärnu, Estonia> > Public Preparation, an international platform for knowledge-production and> network-based communication, calls for applications to participate in the> 2nd thinking camp for contemporary art professionals which will be held in> July 10--17, 2008, in Pärnu, Estonia. Focusing on the symptoms of> (anti-)nationalism and the critique of nationalism in contemporary art> practice, we invite art professionals, especially curators, theoreticians> and art historians, but also artists, who have been dealing with the issue> and related topics in their previous practice to participate, to share> their knowledge, experience and ideas in the thinking camp which might> also take a form of summer school without lectures but a week-long> discussion instead.> > The one-week-long summer camp will focus on following issues:> - growing nationalist tendencies in former Eastern European countries as> well as "Old Europe",> - post-soviet and post-colonial condition,> - art in the service of national identity building,> - nationalism and its relation to patriotism,> - nationalism and its relation to internationalism,> - exploiting official and unofficial attributes of nation state in> contemporary art,> - representation of migration, guest workers and illegal status,> - performing citizenship.> > The summer camp consists of public events and closed workshops: we expect> all participants to come up with a small presentation for public event,> and continue the discussion in the circle of participants in a more> informal atmosphere.> > Public Preparation team will provide accommodation and modest per diem for> all participants, as well as cover the travel cost (partly or entirely)> according to the cost of international transportation. Public Preparation> team is also open to help with fund-raising. Every case will be treated> separately.> > To apply, you should submit the following data:> > - CV> - Motivation Letter -- what is your position toward the issues proposed and> why are you interested in participation> - Example from your former professional practise (exhibition project,> research, article, artistic portfolio)> > All information should be sent via e-mail as .pdf files to the address:> moskva80 la moskva80.com, project or artistic portfolios by post to the> following address:> Rael Artel> Mõisaküla, Halinga vald> 87201 Pärnumaa> Estonia> > DEADLINE EXTENDED TILL MAY 5TH, 2008!!!> The participants will be announced by May 15, 2008.> > For further information, please contact Public Preparation team via> moskva80 la moskva80.com> > More information about Public Preparation project at:> http://www.publicpreparation.org> > > > > > > ------------------------> Forever Yours,> Rael Artel> gsm: + 372 56 229 213> email: moskva80 la moskva80.com> msn: moskva80 la hotmail.com> skype: raelartel> http://www.publicpreparation.org> > > > 
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