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Hotel MariaKapel is opening a call for artists and curators to submit
proposals for projects in 2009.

The all-year program title for 2009 is "The future is near".

Please send us your proposal that reflects, rejects, or (dis)respects that

Deadline: 15 july 2008
(expect a reply to your call begin August)


Hotel Mariakapel is an artist-run residency and project space in Hoorn, a
century town by the IJsselmeer, just 40 km north of Amsterdam. In the old
center of the town, in a mediaeval orphanage with adjacent inner garden and
Maria Chapel, Hotel Mariakapel receives artists from all over the world.

The programme involves artists and curators working in a wide range of media,
focussing on installation and context based work, video/film and performance
art. Projects are developed both in public space and in the chapel's
exhibition space.

Accommodation and living facilities are provided for invited artists/artists
groups to complete a period of work culminating in a final exhibition in the
adjacent exhibition space. Residencies vary in length and depend on the
of the work, the average length being about 4 &#8211; 6 weeks. The resulting
exhibitions which are open to the public, usually take place for 3-4 weeks.
Hotel Mariakapel is responsible for all mail-outs and promotional activity in
relation to the shows, which include regional, national and international

Invited artists are offered the residency at Hotel Mariakapel. The length of
the residency is agreed in advance. The residency includes use of all
facilities (private room, wireless internet, shared kitchen, washing
machine /
dryer, basic tools). Hotel Mariakapel provides a material and travel
budget to
resident artists, depending on individual projects, but advises artists to
secure additional funding from elsewhere.

-international group projects (4-6 artists)
-All proposals should consists of:

a project description (max 2 pages)
visual documentation of participating artists
resumé of participating artists
budget of expenses (precise estimation)

If you would like your material returned please include a self-addressed
envelope and stamps.

please submit proposals to:

call la hotelmariakapel.nl


korte achterstraat 2a
1621GA  Hoorn
the Netherlands

Some pictures of our space can be found here

For an extensive overview of past and present activities please visit

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