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Mar Iun 3 05:25:52 CEST 2008

The Pro Cultura Foundation is prepariing the Intercultural European Campus
which is scheduled for 12th and 13th of Semptember 2008 and will take
place in Warsaw. The event of both scientific and eduactional character
will be organized by the Culture Department of Warsaw and our Foundation.
The main element of the Campus will be a debate divided into two plenary
discussion sessions concerning such issues as cultural diversity, urban
policies in the context of interculturalism in Europe and cultural
dialogue, especially on European metropolises. The debate will give a
opportunity for Polish and foreign experts from such fields as economy of
culture, anthropology of culture and culture policy to present their

The Intercultural European Campus will also provide an occasion for
municipalities' workers, young creators, scientists and researchers
interested in the cultural richness of our continent to learn more about
various approaches to the social background of multiculturalism.

The debate will be accompanied by various workshops and artistic events.
The workshops will be devoted to, among others, cooperation between
municipalities and NGO's and visibility of minorities in urban space. The
workshops will give a chance to work out a common idea how to activate

More information about the Campus will be available soon on our website.
Everyone who is interested and willing to take part , please contact with
the coordinators:

Ma³gorzata Nowak, mnowak1 la st.swps.edu.pl

Anna Stêpniewska, anna.stepniewska1 la wp.pl

phone: +48 (0 22) 826 60 21

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