[Oberlist] CEE* CALL for authors, photographers and journalists

gheorghe m3tas la oe.md
Mar Iun 10 11:06:00 CEST 2008

CALL for authors, photographers and journalists ~~~ please circulate widely ~~~

STORIES FROM THE SEASIDE the Central Eastern European magazine PLOTKI wants to 
publish the unknown stories about the Baltic Sea region and the people living there. 
Send us your reports, photo- essays, illustrations, fiction, comic or poems. If selected,
 your "Stories from the seaside" will be published online and in a printed magazine. 
 For more information check www.plotki.net/movingbalticsea

PLOTKI is participating in the transnational project "Moving Baltic Sea" a sailing 
environmental and cultural festival taking place throughout July and August 2008.
 Authors and photographers with the best contributions will be invited to a PLOTKI 
 Editing Workshop at one of our tour stops along the Baltic Sea (for project details 
 check www.movingbalticsea.org).

 Please mail us your contribution to: movingbalticsea la plotki.net Deadline: 30. June 2008 Questions, i
 deas, info: nadine la plotki.net

 # PLOTKI is a project from around the bloc. PLOTKI investigates our cultural sphere. 
 PLOTKI brings together writers, photographers and graphicartists from Central, 
 Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Plotki invites you all. www.plotki.net

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