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Vladimir Us
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http://www.oberliht.org.md> Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 15:36:50 +0300> Subject: Public Preparation: Symptoms of nationalism and critique of nationalism in the practice of contemporary art> From: moskva80 la moskva80.com> To: info la moskva80.com> > PUBLIC PREPARATION SOCIAL CLUB> Symptoms of nationalism and critique of nationalism in the practice of> contemporary art> > Date: July 11, 2008> Venue: Pärnu Artists' House, Nikolai 27, Pärnu, Estonia> Info: www.publicpreparation.org> > An international seminar in the series of "Public Preparation" events> concentrating on the relations of contemporary art and nationalism in> different places of the world.> > The summer seminar furthers the current agenda of the "Public Preparation"> project, continuing the thinking camp "Exercises on Adhocray" that took> place in July 2007 and dealt with self-organisation and grassroots> democracy in the field of contemporary art; it also follows discussions> and debates from the international seminar "Translocal Express. Jubilee> Edition" which addressed the growing tendencies of nationalism on Eastern> borders of Europe (from Helsinki to Istanbul) and its relation to> contemporary art. Let's not forget, that during this year many European> nation states celebrate its 90th anniversary -- these celebrations provide> a vivid and indicative context to inspect and rethink the idea of nation> and nation state but also the role of art in these ideological> constructions.> > In the upcoming seminar a number of contemporary art professionals --> artists, curators and art historians -- will give a comprehensive insight> into the art scenes and dominant mentalities in the social realities they> are active in. The aim of the seminar is to get an overview about diverse> cultural and artistic situations from the perspective of national values.> The series of inputs could become a ground from which to continue with> comparative analyses, mapping and examining of similarities and> differences.> > Presentations by Kendra Ballingall (Winnipeg), Remco de Blaaij> (Eindhoven), Övül Durmusoglu (Istanbul/Vienna), Ronen Eidelman (Tel> Aviv/Weimar), Eva Fotiadi (Amsterdam), Erden Kosova (Istanbul), Johannes> Paul Rather (Berlin), Sára Stenczer (Budapest/Paris), and Tamara Zlobina> (Kiev), moderated by Rael Artel (Pärnu).> > Detailed programme is published at www.publicpreparation.org.> > The seminar language is English.> > For better management please register at info(at)publicpreparation.org.> > Organiser: "Public Preparation"> Rael Artel> moskva80(at)moskva80.com> +37256229213> > "Public Preparation" is an international platform for knowledge-production> and network-based communication in the field of contemporary art. "Public> Preparation" started in 2007 as a sequence of informal encounters which> constituted the publicly visible preparation process of the Biennale of> Young Artists, Tallinn 2007 (curated by Rael Artel & Anneli Porri). After> the exhibition was over, "Public Preparation" continues as an independent> project and focuses on the problematics of nationalism in contemporary> society.> > The seminar is kindly supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian> Ministry of Culture, European Cultural Foundation, Manitoba Arts Council,> Pärnu Town Government, and Winnipeg Arts Council.> > > > ------------------------> Forever Yours,> Rael Artel> gsm: + 372 56 229 213> email: moskva80 la moskva80.com> msn: moskva80 la hotmail.com> www.publicpreparation.org> 
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