[Oberlist] AR* call: Residences Program for theater and dance in Buenos Aires

US Vladimir us_v la hotmail.com
Joi Iul 24 08:57:34 CEST 2008

Vladimir Us
artist & curator

From: jedihot la hotmail.comSubject: FW: Call for Proposals in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDate: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 05:15:27 +0000

Hola dear Friends and Colleagues,I'm opening the first Residences Program for theater and dance in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Please spread the news in your friends list and abroad.best regards,martinCall for ProposalsResidences Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina¡Bienvenidos!Vuelvo al Sur Residences Program provide to theater artists, choreographers, dancers, curators, writers and academics with an opportunity to live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Vuelvo al Sur also offers what that is necessary to ensure that your work is well known by promoting itself in our theater and exhibition spaces. In the period of work where the artists have at their disposal a studio to accomplish their project whilst being introduced to new contacts with and within the local artistic community, institutions, cultural and general public. We intend to make visible, fluid and accessible interrelationships amongst artists and intellectuals in the Argentine cultural scene, relating it to the regional and international cultural scene and, at the same time, promoting the formation of different international networks.http://www.residenciavuelvoalsur.blogspot.comContact: Martin Fernandez, fernandez_martin la web.de
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