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Lüneburg, Germany

Landkreis Lüneburg Fachdienst Schule und Kultur
International Artists Residency Schloss Bleckede

The usual length of a residency is 3 or 6 months.

Since 1979 the Kuenstlerstaette Schloss Bleckede has been seeking to
promote young artists who explore innovative positions in the field of
contemporary fine art. Today artists, whose work addresses complex
aesthetic, cultural or political issues, rarely find the necessary support
to realize their ambitious projects. This is why the Kuenstlerstaette
Schloss Bleckede wishes to offer these artists the opportunity to develop
their work in the course of a residential scholarship of three or six
The Kuenstlerstaette Schloss Bleckede offers ideal working conditions. The
historic remise of the castle of Bleckede has been restored and
transformed into three studios, each of which provides an extensive work
space and a comfortable living area. The castle is located in the nature
reserve Elbufer Drawehn close to the river Elbe between Hamburg and
Lueneburg. Moreover Hamburg and Berlin is within easy reach, both of which
have a thriving cultural life. The scholarship includes a monthly grant of
Euro 1.400,- , which is made available for up to three scholarship holders
at any one time, by the state of Lower Saxony. Previous scholarship
winners have included reknown artists like Ulla von Brandenburg, Shannon
Bool, Geoffrey Hendricks, Peter Pommerer, Katharina Sieverding, Maki
Tamura and Simon Wachsmuth. The residential scholarship will be selected
by a jury.

The call for applications is open to all artists of all nationalities.

data limita: 27/09/08

Fachdienst Schule und Kultur
Landkreis Lueneburg
Auf dem Michaeliskloster 4
D-21335  Lüneburg
tel: +49-4131-26-1360
fax: +49-4131-26-2360
info la halle-fuer-kunst.de

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