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>From 3nd to 12th September 2009, the city of Skopje will host the XIV
Edition of the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the
Mediterranean, realized by the Organizing Committee of Biennale Skopje

It will be promoted by the International Association for the Biennale of
Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM). Its objective is
to strengthen cooperation among ministries, municipalities, institutions
and cultural associations of the Mediterranean area to promote young
creativity, international exchange and peaceful relations beyond the
existing political and geographical borders of the Euro-Mediterranean

The Biennial arrives in Skopje at its 14th edition,, from 1985 on it
passed from Barcelona (1985/1987), to Thessaloniki (1986), Bologna (1988),
Marseille (1990), Valencia (1992), Lisbon (1994), Turin (1997), Rome
(1999), Sarajevo (2001), Athens (2003), Naples (2005) and Puglia 2008.

The chosen theme for the XIV edition of the Biennale Skopje 2009 is "Seven
We ask the artists to be inspired by the ancient legend of the city of
Skopje, which says that the seven gates of the city stand on where once
stayed the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the ears of a giant. (to read the
theme, download a call for participant)

Artistic Fields:
Visual Arts (Plastic Arts, Photography, Installation, Performance, Video
Art, Comic Strip, Cyber Art, Public Art)
Applied Arts (Architecture, Visual/ Industrial/ Web design, Fashion,
Digital Creations)
Literature (Writing, Poetry),
Music (Folk/Ethnic, world music, Contemporary, Electronic, DJ's. Jazz,
Pop, Rock)
Show (Theatre, Dance, Urban Acts)
Images on the Move (Film, Video, Animated Films)
The productions selected by the different artistic juries will be
presented at the Biennale of Skopje 2009.

To participate

The selection is open to all the young artists from 18 to 30 years old:
for the Show Area the Age limit is 35 for directors and choreographers.

In countries and regions where the BJCEM Association has members or
partners, the artists will be selected through a local or national process
organised by the BJCEM members and partners

The selection of participants will be carried out by local and national
juries of art critics and experts in different areas. Each jury will
select the artists on the basis of works presented.

The deadline is from 15th December to 30th January, according to the
single calls published by the members and partners

download the complete call for participants
téléchargez l' avis de concours complet
scarica il bando di concorso completo
descarga el Bando de concurso completo

For the countries which have not a Bjcem partner or member, the selection
process of the artists will be dealt directly by the BJCEM Association.

Deadline: 19th december 2008

download the call for participant

During the ten-day festival, Skopje will receive up to 700 young artists
and their creations will be exhibited in the public spaces of the city,
which will become a melting point for intercultural dialogue.
Artists from 46 countries from European and the Mediterranean will
participate in the Biennale of Skopje 2009.

The XIV Edition of the Biennial will represent an important moment of
inclusion and cooperation involving many Euro-Mediterranean countries. It
will be a window open on different cultures, languages, and lifestyles; it
will give the opportunity for promoting dialogue and the youth artistic

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