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 Dear colleagues!!!!

You are welcome to see the final exhibition of the project RO-MD/Moldova in
Two Scenarios , that will be on display only till 10 November.

Within the framework of this exhibition you can see the project "Krisha" and

the film "Statul fantoma" by Fiodorova Tatiana, which is a part of the film
"MALLdova". The film was produced by KSAK Center for Contemporary art,
Chisinau and comprises tree parts, constituting a collaboration of Tatiana
Fiodorova, Vladimir Us, Vadim Tiganas and Denis Bartenev. It started as a
series of chronicles (which will be continued after the project completion)
through which the authors present the current situation of economy, culture,
public sphere, and other aspects of the society in the Republic of Moldova
in a form specific to counter-documentary film style.

The subject of the first part of the film, entitled „Phantom State" by
Tatiana Fiodorova is the multiple citizenships and the process of
disintegration of the Republic of Moldova. After the disappearance of the
USSR, the majority of states from the post-soviet space didn't manage to
realize themselves as states in principle. These states either failed to
control their territory or are led from outside representing a besieged
democracy, while the power is held through outside infusions. The Republic
of Moldova doesn't seam to be an exception in this case. Moldova possesses
none of the traits of a state: its territory is divided; there is no
government that could control this state within its borders; there never
existed, and never will exit a homogeneous people from the ethnical point of
view here; and a nation in the political and civic sense failed to be


The project investigates the etymology of the Russian word КРЫША (krysha -
"roof" rus.). Many words have periodically been renewed and completed with
new meaningsin the last years, thanks to the radical changes in the social,
economical and cultural life of the country. A part of the Russian
neologisms appeared in connection to the active introduction into informal
as well as official speech of words and expressions from the criminal

The given research investigates the specific of the pyramid form of the
triangular roof and its analogy with the pyramid of power, where at the top
is the chief of state. That's why protectionism and nepotism in politics are
so developed, situation that speaks about the autocratic nature of
management, which can be noticed in the pseudo-democratic states. The role
of traditional tribe remains a very important one in the type of state
leadership borrowed from the nomadic cultures.  The type of governance based
on clans, hegemony and usurpation of power being directly linked to Central
Asian political regimes and traditions.

Fiodorova Tatiana

artist&coordinator KSA:K

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