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Vin Dec 19 23:29:55 CET 2008

Spain, Barcelona
perioada: 26th January 2009

Seminar: Creativity and Innovation in cultural cooperation projects

Call for Applications

Organised by the University of Barcelona in close partnership with ENCATC,
this event will be the first activity for the year 2009 of the ENCATC
working group on “Creative entrepreneurship and Education in Cultural Life
Creative entrepreneurship and Education in Cultural Life”.

2009 has been declared European Year of Creativity and Innovation by the
European Parliament, with the whish to strengthen these aspects for social
and economic reasons, and to respond more effectively to the actual
challenge and opportunities of globalisation. The decision underlines that
"there is a need for skills and competences that enable people to embrace
change as an opportunity and to be open to new ideas that promote
innovation and active participation in a culturally diverse,
knowledge-based society".

This diversity is particularly interesting for us regarding the
International Cultural Cooperation. This one day Seminar aims to think
about the existing mechanisms in that sense in the European politics and
programs, and to debate about creative entrepreneurship in the public and
private cultural organisations. Bellow this approach, we will be able to
better evaluate the importance of the innovation factor in the cultural
cooperation projects, and to measure the actual challenge of competition
in that sector.

data limita: 15/01/09

Place Flagey 18
B-1050  Bruxelles
tel: +3222012912
info la encatc.org

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