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Mie Ian 21 08:57:21 CET 2009

Libertas Film Festival 2009

place: Dubrovnik, Croatia
organiser: Libertas Film Festival
url: http://www.libertasfilmfestival.com

Libertas Film Festival is inviting all students and filmmakers to apply
their works in the following categories: feature narratives, documentaries
and short films for the upcoming edition of the 5th Libertas Film

The competition documentary section will be dedicated to the 20th
anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The idea is to bring
documentaries with this theme to Croatian audience but also films
concerning the issue of crossing borders and fall of walls around Europe,
and the world in real life as well as metaphorically (historical,
political, social, psychological and cultural borders).

For more info please check here: http://www.libertasfilmfestival.com/v2/en/

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