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Subject: [artbox] artist in Residence Pécs
From:    "Antje Sachs" <antjesachs la gmx.net>
Date:    Mon, January 19, 2009 16:56
To:      artbox la groups.cult.bg

Közelítés Art Association – Pécs, Hungary – in collaboration  with
organization announces the following invitation to tender:

The subject of the invitation to tender:

Participation in the resident program for one artist.

The program takes place in Pécs and lasts for two months in the period
between February-April 2009.

The condition of involvement in the program is producing new works of art
that correspond to the *Temporary city* guidelines (please, visit the
website below).
We primarily expect intermedial type of works from the participants
(installation, video
art, action art, ...)

The participants of the program receive 2000 Euros payment for two months
that covers the costs of residence in Pécs and should cover also the
expenses connected to the effectuation of the works of art. In addition, the
partakers of the program obtain accommodation, travel expenses refund (max.
300 Euros) and they would be supplied on demand with the usage of a
multimedia/video studio.

The works of art produced will be exhibited in the gallery of the Approach
Art Association in 2009.

For more information and application form please visit:


Approach Art Association

2 Mátyás király Street, Pécs.


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