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Subject: [Info_Culture] Call for participants_Interphaz_Iesipestrada
From:    "Garleanu Mihaela" <ellaund13 la yahoo.com>
Date:    Mon, March 23, 2009 10:36

Call for participants
Interphaz NGO in collaboration with the Iasi city council
are organizing a street art festival: “IESI PE STRADA”
This event will take place in Iasi – Romania from 22th to 28th of June
Scope of the project:
Through this event, we wish to make the citizens think the role of public
places in the creation of social bonds and in mutual comprehension. Public
spaces are places of mutual respect and collective practices. Their
appropriation by all and more particularly by the neighborhood is
synonymous with good citizenship and social bond. We wish that public
space could become again a place open on the Other, where all the
generations and all the origins cohabit.
Who and what are the streets for? These questions, common to all the
cities of the world, will be suggested to young people. It’s a place
where we move around, where we live, where we work, where we parade, where
we rub shoulders, where we jostle: countless practices that intersect and
intercept, making the street a locus both of encounter and of conflict!
Call for participants :
Within this framework, we envisaged a serie of cultural events of
different nature.
We are looking for motivated people (individual, groups or NGOs) who wish
to participate and imply themselves in this global festival.
You will find under an outline of the different kind of events that will
be held during the festival. For each kind of event, you will find the
specific conditions we are offering you for your participation.
𐀹 Popular initiatives
No external participant required
𐀹 Temporary installations
What is this?
Several artists will be invited to produce temporary installations which
will take place in various public places of the city. This will be an
opportunity to emphasize, to announce and to question places belonging to
the daily life of the inhabitants of Iasi.
The idea is to offer a reflection on public space, to destabilize the
practices of the passers-by by offering them a starting point to
confrontations with moments and improbable objects.
The temporality of these artistic installations aims to create an effect
of surprise and a true reflection in the mind of passers-by.
How can you participate to this kind of event?
Participants (individual, groups or NGO’s) who wish to propose a project
of temporary installation within the framework of the Iasi street art
festival will:
• Be given an amount up to 200Eur (individual), up to 400Eur (groups and
NGO’s) for their installation
• Be hosted (accommodation only, no food) for 7 nights in Iasi
𐀹 Events
What is this?
Specific events will be proposed during this week. Concerts of music,
V‐Jing contest or street theatre performance, these performances will be
the occasion to attract people.
We thus wish to invite music, V‐Jing, dance, theatre or circus bands,
who are ready to change their practices into playing under different
conditions and different forms.
How can you participate to this kind of event?
Participants (individual, groups or NGO’s) who wish to propose an event
within the framework of the Iasi street art festival will:
• Be given an amount up to 400Eur for the specific equipments required
for their
performance. Rental of audio or video equipments can be seen case by case
• Be hosted (accommodation only, no food) for 7 nights in Iasi
𐀹 Urban sports
No external participant required
𐀹 Debates and conferences
No external participant required
Contact & application
If you are interested in our project and if you think you could take part
in it, we will be glad to receive your interest. Please contact us:
Sylvain SAUDO : sylvain.saudo la interphaz.org
Mob: +33 603 286 545
More information about INTERPHAZ : www.interphaz.org
More information about the “IESI PE STRADA” street art festival:
please contact me at the same adress.
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