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Mie Mar 25 22:52:28 CET 2009

Instanbul, Turkey
periodada: June 2-12

Kurye Video Organisation
Kurye International Video Festival

Open Call

The main aim of Kurye International Video Festival is to promote Istanbul
as a center of attraction as a festival scene by focusing on the rising
stars of the contemporary art world –video art and new media. It also
strives to set a new standard in terms of festival organization in
Istanbul by working with a team of young and expert organizers and by
putting sustainability before easy profit and to act as an example for the
use of alternative and creative organizational techniques in order to
enliven the field of video art.
The festival will feature national and international video screenings. It
will also help inform people who work in this industry –or who are just
interested in video art- through the organization of parallel events
–numerous workshops, a seminar, a panel and a live performance. Starting
this year, the festival will focus on certain different types of video art
every year. This year, taking into consideration the developments in new
media and video in Turkey, the festival organization decided to focus on
the following three fields:

Motion Graphics/Music Videos,
Performance videos and documentations.

Application Procedure

-Applicants should make sure that the videos are sent via mail to the
designated address below.

-Videos should be transferred into DVD format.

-Those applicants who fail to deliver their CVs, short description texts
and high resolution images of their videos will not qualify.

-If the submitted video is not in English, the preview copy should include
English subtitles.

-Those who wish to take part in the festival with a live performance or
installation should prepare a document describing their project and
technical requirements in detail.

Selection and Announcement

The announcements will be made before May 10. ONLY those who qualify will
be notified.

Please send a DVD copy of your video to the below address.

Shipment Costs

Applicants will cover the shipment costs themselves.

data limita: 20/04/09

Kurye Video Organisation
Irmak Arkman, Manager
Kaşaneler Çıkmazı Sok, Ahenk apt. no: 4/
34738 Erenköy/ Istanbul
tel: +90 536 489 25 84
info la kuryevideo.org

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