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What Do Artists Know?

Fellowship opportunities

Fifteen places are available for Fellows; accommodation is provided,
and there are funds for travel expenses. Fellows attend 27 hours of
closed seminars with the Faculty; there are also public panel
discussions and evening lectures. A full schedule is on our website:
The Stone Summer Theory Institute
Is held each July at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. It is
designed to investigate some of the principal themes of contemporary
art. Each event will be produced as a book. The theme for 2009: What Do
Artists Know? The education of artists is widely, even compulsively,
discussed, but seldom theorized. This event will be a comprehensive
reconsideration of theories of studio art education and artistic
knowledge at all levels: first year, BFA, MFA, PhD, and professional.
We will focus on three themes: the pertinent histories of art education
(what is still taught, what remains in current curricula); the current
content and philosophies of art education around the world and at all
levels (what is taught in first-year programs, MA, MFA, and PhD programs
worldwide); and the current state of theorizing on what artists know in
society and outside the educational framework.

An intensive week of seminars on the nature of the image
Above: Students from the School of the Art Institute, in April 1913,
protesting the avant-garde art in the Armory Show. They made a straw
effigy of Matisse, which they called *Henry Hairmattress,* and they
dragged it around the Art Institute, stabbing it. Notice the student
with the rifle. The French-trained director of the School, William
French, had made plans to be away at the time. Structure of the event
The event is September 20-26, at the School of the Art Institute,
Chicago. It is centered on seminar discussions; no papers are given by
Fellows. The public events are taped, and will form the basis of the
book (the 2009 event will be the third book in the series).
The Theory Institute is limited to 15 Fellows. Applications are
currently invited from faculty and advanced graduate students. To apply,
visit the website for full information:
http://www.stonesummertheoryinstitute.org and then send an informal
two-page letter of intent, stating your interest in, or knowledge of,
the topic, along with a CV and any pertinent texts (published or
unpublished), to:
conference la stonesummertheoryinstitute.org
Please put all information including contact details in a single pdf
file. Deadline June 15; applicants will be notified June 20. Successful
candidates are eligible for travel funds. * 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL 60603, USA

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