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Invitation "An intercultural Garden to grow with and to create with"

august, 2nd to august, 9th 2009 in Apold in Transylvania/Romania


We invite members of the association MitOst and other interested

people to join  a garden-artistic project in the small romanian

village Apold.

The village and its Parish House

The village of Apold (German: Trappold) is 15 km south of Sighisoara

(germ. Schäßburg, hung. Segesvár) in southern Transylvania in

Romania. Apold was founded in the 13th century by German settlers,

the Transylvanian Saxons. Today the village counts over 800

inhabitants, almost all Romanians and Roma. The garden of the old

Parish house in Apold, which lost its original function as a result

of the immigration of the Transylvanian Saxons during the 20th

century and was untenanted  for some years, is huge and splendid.

Since three years, the local  Association casApold make the effort to

animate house and garden.


Together with the participants, invited garden- and nature-artists

and villagers, we want to bring a new use to a part of the garden by

means  of natural architecture and artistic gardening. Priority

objective is,  to associate the components of nature and culture with

a direct  benefit in a  creative and artistic way.  Thereby, we want

to create  with you a garden, whose basic structure consists of

living materials  like willow. In emerging niches solar showers and

water games are  going to be constructed.  A fundamental component is

the joint work  process. After seven days team accomplishment, the

work of art will be  an impressive sight. Painting activities, a

movie night, village  exploration and an excursion to the rural

surroundings are also  included in the programme, moreover, the

nearby town Sighisoara,  UNESCO World Heritage Side can be visited.

We will celebrate the conclusion of the workshop with a garden-party.


This water-willow-garden should be experienced by the guests of the

guesthouse both as a garden-artistic object and used as summer shower-

garden. The garden site will be amended by compost-toilets and  is

understood as addition to the washing facilities of the Parish House.

Hereby, the sensitiveness and valuableness of the element water

should be demonstrated in a creative and garden-artistic way for

intercultural groups, which regular  visit the Guest House. It should

be shown, that alternative models for  an economical  but still

effective use of water is possible without any sustainable pollution.

The workshop is embedded in the project “Green trApPOLD - Public

green and open spaces in the rural area of Transylvania using Apold

as a model”. This  project of interdisciplinary quality  involves

components  of landscape architecture, care for historical monuments,

development of tourism, environmental education, nature conservation

and environmental protection  as well as of inter cultural dialogue

and community  building.


10 participants, members of the Association MitOst from different

countries and other interested are hearty welcome to join the team! 3

of the places are available for participants from non-EU-countries.

Additional, villagers, especially children for whom no activities

during the summer holidays exist,  will be invited to take part.


From august, 2nd to august, 9th 2009, arrival at august, 2nd,

departure at august, 9th - if you want you can  with pleasure come

earlier or stay longer (after prior consultation).

Accommodation and Food

In the Parish House you will find shared rooms with loft beds and a

huge common kitchen. The conditions are very simple:  there’s an

outhouse compost toilet, a summer shower as washing facility and no

warm water.  If possible, please bring a sleeping bag along! Since

spring 2006, the Parish House is taken care of by two young women who

live and operate here and who founded the first Association of Apold

named casApold last year. Every day, fresh, regional and seasonal

food will be prepared commonly. We will have three meals per diem.


You will arrive individually. The costs are covered to some degree up

to 50% by MitOst. You can reach Apold via Sighisoara by car over the

European Road E60 via Szolnok (HU) - E81: Oradea - Cluj Napoca -

Târgu  Mures - Sighisoara or over  the E68 and the E81 via Szeged

(HU) -  Arad- Deva - Sibiu - Agnita. By train - train schedules at

www.bahn.de or www.cfr.ro (both in English), destination: Sighisoara.

The cheapest way is to book the „Europa-Spezial“ from Germany to

Budapest (HU) and from there on with a ticket to Sighisoara.By Air -

regional airports  exist in Târgu Mures und Sibiu. By Bus - Apold is

reachable by public buses from Sighisoara, Târgu Mures and Sibiu. In

Sighisoara the bus departs from the Main bus-station (autogara) close

 to the train station or at the main road in the centre in front of

the  city-park, „Hermann Oberth Square“ at 5.20am, 8.00am, 12.00am,

1.50pm, 2.45pm, 4.30pm, 6.00pm and 10.30pm. In Sibiu there‘s a

minibus leaving in front of the  „Hotel Park“ around 6.00am via

Agnita to Apold (and Sighisoara). From Târgu Mures you have a  every-

2h-connection to Sighisoara, starting at 5.15am, ending at   7.15pm.

In either case let us know, when and where you will arrive!

Participation and costs

For accommodation and food as well as for the participation,  the

costs are beared. Travel costs are supported up to 50%, the other 50%

are your personal contribution. It exist 10 places with priority

consideration of MitOst-members.  Thereby , 2 places are available

for participants from Romania, 5 for other EU-countries and 3 for Non-

EU-countries. Those have to count with additional costs for the

Romanian visa-fee.

The projected 50% travel costs amount in each case to

2 members from Romania, up to 40,00€/person

5 members from other EU-countries, up to 125,00€/person

3 members from non-EU-countries, up to 62,50€/person

For the accounting we need in Apold  an adequate proof of your travel

documents (train-, bus-, plane-ticket or calculation of kilometers).

If you want to apply for the workshop, please send us an E-Mail or

call us. We are also happy about postcards.  Term of application is

June, 30th 2009. In the beginning of July we will let you know about

the participation by E-Mail.


For more information and photos check www.tr-a-pold.net.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Marlen Hoesselbarth and Leonie Rhode

Projec  team  of the „Intercultural Garden“

and Project leaders „Green trApPOLD“


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