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Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 23:32:00 +0200
From: Miltos Manetas <m la manetas.com> (by way of Janos Sugar)
Subject: [artinfo] Pirates of the Internets unite

This is the time for the Foundation of an International Pirate Party
like the one the PirateBay brought forward in Sweden and which got 2
seats at the Europarliament.

Nobody from my generation and all the younger ones, goes ever to vote
and that's because we have nothing in common with all those political
parties and the ugly people who are handling them. But if there is
some clear + fun target such as the Freedom of the Internets, the
Freedom of information, if the people who are representing us have
cute faces and a strong sense of humor like the guys in Sweden, then
why not vote them?

We all need to think twice the matter of intellectual property
and copyright; it is a huge one and we need to look at it from a
philosophical point of view and stop playing amateur lawyers.

Once and for all: it isn't about some Hollywood and Silicon Valley
bosses losing money and the rest of us getting something for free: its
about Digital Nature. The fact is that the World is becoming digital,
that the texture of knowledge is a texture you can and actually HAVE
to copy in order of having some participation in it. The producers
of copyrighted material (and I am one of those), are simply too few
to dictate the rules of this game. We simply don't have the rights:
Everything that becomes successful, from a poem to a drug and from
an Operating System to a music record and a film, owns its success
to the manipulation of the Multitude. People haven't ask to know how
the Coca Cola logo looks, neither they asked to know the melody of
"Like a Virgin". We, the producers, drill that in their brains. It's
an already embarrassing planet, we (people who can afford computers
and time to use them) are already from the side of the speculators.

People have the right to own anything that was projected on them, the
only rule should be "you publish it you lose it, it now belongs to all".

Taking such an extremist position on that matter, can bring us
together for once. We can agree, as communists agreed once, on
something that is definitely humanitarian.

Then we can test our power, we can start be really disrespectful to
the clowns who are in control of the situation.

War to intellectual property and copyright, is our opportunity because
it really freaks all kind of enstamblishments.

Let's build a Political Party in each Country around it.

Pirates of the Internets unite!.

Miltos Manetas/theInternetPavilion.com, 2009

End of Artinfo Digest, Vol 6, Issue 14

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