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Subject: 2009 Jean-Claude Reynal Scholarship: Call for Applications
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Date:    Mon, September 28, 2009 09:48
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2009 Jean-Claude Reynal Scholarship

A 10,000 euros grant awarded to a young artist for studies abroad

Deadline for online registration:
15th of November 2009

The Jean-Claude Reynal Foundation, under the auspices of the
Foundation of France, in collaboration with the Fine Arts School of
Bordeaux, offers an annual grant of 10,000 euros to enable a young
artist, who works directly on paper, to travel to a country of
his/her choice for a period of 6 months maximum.


Candidates must be between 20 and 30 years of age and have had an
artistic practice on paper for at least two years. All artists are
eligible regardless of educational background or nationality.

50 % of the scholarship money will be paid before departure and 50 %
at the time and place of the residency.

The prize winner authorizes the Reynal Foundation to use a work of
his/her choice on the media announcing the following year's
scholarship competition. The chosen work will be approved by the
executive committee.

Modalities of participation

Registration only online on the web page
http://www.rosab.net/bourse-reynal/ that allows to:

   1. fill in the application form (studies, curriculum, travel
   2. upload your portfolio as a PDF file (maximum filesize: 10 MB).


Deadline for online registration: 15th of November 2009.

A first examination and selection will take place in the beginning of

The selected artists will have to send three original works on paper
(drawings or prints of all kinds), the dimensions of which must not
exceed 40 × 60 cm (15-3/4 × 23-5/8 in.).

Works must be sent or hand-delivered no later than the 20th of
December 2009 to:

    * Ann-Gaëlle Coomber
      École des beaux-arts de Bordeaux
      7 rue des Beaux-Arts
      33800 Bordeaux cedex
    * Telephone:
      +33 (0) 5 56 33 49 10
    * E-mail:
      bourse.reynal la gmail.com

Candidates will be informed of results (first examination and final
selection) by e-mail.

Original works will be returned within a reasonable time frame.


Works will be examined by the following jury:

    * A representative of the Foundation of France;
    * Mrs Claire Jacquet,
      director of the Frac-Collection Aquitaine;
    * Mrs Sylvie Boulanger,
      director of the National Center for Engraving and Printed Art;
    * Mrs Guadalupe Echevarria,
      director of the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux;
    * Mrs Hélène Lemoine,
      qualified professional;
    * Mr Yann Chateigné,
      head of programming at the CAPC Musée, Bordeaux;
    * Mr Pierre Ponant,
      graphic art historian, teacher at the Fine Arts School of
    * Mr Christian Jean-Dit-Cazaux,
      appraiser, author;
    * Mr Robert Frelaut,
      engraver, printer;
    * Mr Ivan Lacaze,
      former director of Cultural Affairs of the City of Bordeaux;
    * Mr Julien Drochon,
      graphic designer, Orbis Pictus Club publishing house, Docile
collective, Bordeaux;
    * Mr Louis-Guy Gayan,
      representative of the Jean-Claude Reynal Foundation.
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