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Subject: [balkans] Conference: Remembering Communism. Theoretical
Approaches to the Memory on Communism, Bucharest, 1-3.10.2009
From:    "Simina Badica" <siminarb la yahoo.com>
Date:    Mon, September 28, 2009 13:22
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University of Leipzig                       

Institute for Slavic


Sponsored by the




Remembering Communism. Theoretical
Approaches to the Memory on Communism


Bucharest, Museum of the Romanian Peasant, “Horia
Bernea” Hall

3 Kiseleff Road, Bucharest

01 - 05.10.2009





Thursday, 01.10

 15:00-15:30  Opening remarks

 15:30-17:30  Communism, Memory and
the Visual

    Presentations, Film screening, Discussion

(Alyssa Grossmann, Simina Bădică, Corina
Cimpoieru, Vania Stoyanova)

Bădică: Remembering Communism
during Communism.

Displaying History at the Museum before
and after 1989 in Romania

Cimpoieru: Feature Film on
Remembering Romanian Communism

Stoyanova: Socialism in
Bulgarian Post-1989 Cinema (Documentaries)


 17:30-18:00  Coffee Break


 18:00-19:00  Key note speech, Barbara

Communism and Making Sense of the Post-

    Communist Experience: Analyzing Discursive Strategies in     Post-Soviet
Textbook Accounts

 19:30   Reception-Museum of the Romanian Peasant



Friday, 02.10


 9:30-11:00  New Comers - Topics

Main, Nikolay Vukov, Diana Georgescu)

How is Communism Remembered in Poland? About     Research and Literature

    Vukov: Remembrance
of Communism on the Former Day of

    Socialist Victory: 9th of September in Post-1989 Bulgaria

    Georgescu: Ceausescu's

11:00-11:15  Coffee Break

11:15-13:00  Remembering Through Whose Language?
Which Notions?

    (Petya Kabakchieva, Adrian Cioflâncă,
Iskra Baeva)

Remembering Communism- the Society of      Equality
or the Society of Inequalities

    Cioflâncă: Embellishing the
Evil. Narratives of       Deculpabilization in the Memoires of Former
Members of the     Romanian Nomeklatura

    Baeva: Modern Bulgarian Society
and Its Notion of the Age of     Socialism


14:00-16:00  The Past Through the Lenses of the

    (Constantin Iordachi  Dragoş Petrescu, Milla Mineva,


Remembering Communism vs Condemning      Communism.
Comparative Perspectives on the War on Memory     in Post-Communist
East-Central Europe

1989 as a Self-Ironical Tragicomedy. Representations

    of the
Romanian Revolution

    Mineva: Remembering Online

    Petrescu: “How We Survived
Communism and even Laughed.”

    Belated Nostalgia
for the “Golden Epoch”?


 16:00-16:30  Coffee Break

16:30-18:30  Is Experience a Useful Category?

    (Smaranda Vultur, Tanya Boneva, Anni

Everyday Life and Surveillance in Romania of the 1980s

Remembering Communism in Post-Communist Times.     Pernik Revisited:2007

    Kirilova: Genealogical and
Family Memory




Saturday, 03.10


 9:00-10:30  Transformations of Memory in the Realm of the Social

Lönhárt, Virgiliu Ţârău, Deyan Petrov)

and Ţârău: The Plural Memories of a Multiethnic City.

    The Transformations Associated with Communism as      Remembered by
Hungarian Workers from Cluj/
Kolosvár/      Klausenburg

Remembering Communism in Factories


 10:30-11:00  Coffee Break


 11:30-13:00  Generations Remember

    (Tzetanka Manova, Cătălina Mihalache,
Iliyana Marcheva)

“We Build Our Country.” Visual Memories about the

Movement Based on Materials from Pernik

    Mihalache: Talking Memories of
the Socialist Age. School,     Feelings, Regime

    Marcheva: “By Our Memoirs You
Shall Know Them.” Ivan and     Petko Venedikovi About Themselves and About


 14:00-15:30  Taste and Art. Distinction or Negotiation?

    (Adrian Mihalache, Natalia Hristova,
Krasimira Koeva)

Remembering the Luxury of Common People.      Reflections
on the Private Display of Decorative Things in the     1980s

    Hristova: Authorities and
Artistic Elite- Memoires of Conflicts

    Koeva: About one
Bulgarian-Rumanian Casus (the sculptor     Boris Karadja)


 15:30-16:00  Coffee Break


16:00-17:30 Memory and Reconfigurations of the
Local and the National

 (Dorina Orzac,
Evgenia Kalinova, Vasile Docea)

 Orzac: Confronting Totalitarianism. Case Study- The Region
of MaramureÅŸ

 Kalinova: Remembering the “Revival Process” in Post-1989 Bulgaria

 Docea: History as Collective Memory. Constructing Identities in
TimiÅŸoara Through Monographs and Street Names


19:00 Key note speech: Thomas Lindenberger at New Europe College

 Experts Without a Cause? Contemporary History Between Memory
Governance and Ostalgia in Unified Germany.

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