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Subject: [Rezone] Seminâri mâkslas kritiíiem THREE USES OF THE KNIFE
From:    "Elina Hermansone" <hermansone la lcca.lv>
Date:    Tue, September 29, 2009 16:49
To:      rezone la lists.rixc.lv

Lietuvas Nacionâlâs galerijas Informâcijas centrs, www.artnews.lt un Lietuvas
Laikmetîgâs mâkslas centrs aicina uz seminâru sçriju mâkslas kritiíiem "Three
uses of the knife". Seminâri notiks 9. un 23. oktobrî, kâ arî 6. un 20.
Seminâru tçmas un cita praktiska informâcija lasâma tâlâk angïu valodâ:


Three uses of the knife
International workshop for art critics
9, 23 October, and 6, 20 November 2009.

The international workshop for art critics Three uses of the knife is
co-organized by Lithuanian web-based contemporary art magazine
the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) and the Information Centre of the National
Gallery of Art (IC NGA). The event is aimed at professionals both at the
beginning of their careers and with outstanding experience to examine the
genres, forms, functions and strategies of contemporary art criticism.

The workshop will endure for two months: every two weeks on Friday
audience will
get involved into a dialogue-like meetings with internationally acknowledged
contemporary art critics, writers, designers, and philosophers.

9 October 2009
CAC reading room (Vokieciu str. 2, Vilnius)
The workshop is dedicated to practical work with texts covering writing and
editing skills. It will be guided by the art critic, curator and chief-editor
of the CAC Interview magazine Simon Rees (Lithuania), and Ellie Levenson
(United Kingdom) who is a freelance journalist and writer, contributor for
Guardian and The Times among others, and an occasional columnist for The

23 October 2009
National Gallery of Art auditorium (Konstitucijos ave. 22, Vilnius)
The second workshop will examine art criticism in the expanded field,
up questions of contemporary art criticism’s functions, strategies of
communication and identity of the publisher. Three sessions during the day
be led by  Jan Verwoert, a Dutch art historian and critic, curator and a
contributing editor of Frieze magazine, writer for Afterall and Metropolis M,
Vivian Rehberg – a French curator at the Paris Museum of Modern Art and a
critic of  contemporary art, and Anders Kreuger, a Swedish curator and
Director of the Malmö Art Academy since 2007.

6 November 2009
CAC reading room (Vokieciu str. 2, Vilnius)
The third day is intended to work on so-called Case Studies examining the
phenomenon of writing with art and art about writing in its intimate
relationship to contemporary art practice. The workshop will be led by Maria
Fusco (to be confirmed), a British art critic, editor, lecturer, fiction
and Director of Writing at Goldsmiths College, Will Holder - British
artist, designer and writer, and Jalal Toufic, a Lebanese writer, film
and video artist.

20 November 2009
National Gallery of Art auditorium (Konstitucijos ave. 22, Vilnius)
The last workshop is dedicated to an attempt to re-examine the current
of Lithuanian art criticism focusing on the approach to apply
knowledge in writing about art practices. The presentations will be made
by art
critics, philosophers, theorist of culture and art translators in Lithuania –
Alfonsas Andriuðkevièius, Erika Grigoravièienë, Gintautas Maþeikis, Artûras
Tereðkinas and Audronë Þukauskaitë. The panel discussion will be arranged
the presentations, moderator – art critic and curator Laima Kreivytë.

The workshop language will be English (except the #4). Workshops are free of
Further information and registration:  http://www.3-uses-of-the-knife.lt/en

The project received support from The Culture Support Fund and The
Ministry of
Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

It is opened to attend non-registered, only the first workshop
requires registration as there will be an intence work in groups
learning practical and creative things.
 Should you have any questions feel free to approach me dovile la ndg.lt
or Neringa, who is the main coordonator, on the email address provided
on the website http://www.3-uses-of-the-knife.lt/en .

 Dovile Tumpyte
 NacionalinÄ—s dailÄ—s galerijos informacijos centras
 Information Centre of the National Gallery of Art
 Lietuvos dailÄ—s muziejus / Lithuanian Art Museum
 Konstitucijos 22, LT-08105 Vilnius, Lithuania
 T: +370 5 212 29 97, F: +370 5 219 54 96
 dovile la ndg.lt; http://www.ic.ndg.lt

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