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The 6th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research

Welcome to the 6th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research,
Jyväskylä, Finland, 24 - 27 August 2010.
The Conference will be organized by The Cultural Policy unit of Jyväskylä
University in collaboration with the International Journal of Cultural

ICCPR2010 aims to provide a space for explorations on cultural policies,
their meanings, roles and impact in an interdisciplinary and international
environment. The explorations at the ICCPR2010 in cultural policy are not
restricted to the contemporary period, or geographical area. The
conference neither assumes a fixed understanding of the concept of culture
or the concept of policy.

ICCPR2010 generally sees cultural policies as regularization, promotion
and discouragement of practices and values by institutions and
individuals, public and private. The concept of policy can also be
regarded as a "regularizing aspect of politics". Furthermore, ICCPR2010
maintains that cultural policies and their effects can be explicit and
implicit, or latent.

In the Nordic countries, where the ICCPR2010 takes place, the state has
had a strong role in promoting and financing culture. However, economic
and cultural developments, such as globalization, enforce the need to
investigate semi-public, non-governmental and private, voluntary and
commercial efforts as policy processes with wide effects. Therefore, the
ICCPR2010 expects to host a whole variety of papers.

ICCPR2010 theme "Truths, Taboos and Myths of Cultural Policy" refers to
the ways in the field of cultural policy takes place and positions itself
in praxis and research. This is not a forced topic on any paper proposals,
but the organisers seek to motivate prospective paper-givers to be
reflective about cultural policy and self-reflective about research.

ICCPR2010 warmly welcomes participants to Jyväskylä, the city of design
and education in the heart of Finland.

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