[Oberlist] crosstalk Video Presentations, November 5th in Műcsarnok. Invited Artist: Roland Wegerer (A)

Adrien Török adrien.torok at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 13:20:04 CET 2009

                 As part of  *crosstalk video art festival* 2010 (
www.crosstalk.hu) the monthly organised talk series *crosstalk Video
Presentations* start again.

Video and Media Artists from Hungary and from outside Hungary are invited to
do a presentation and have a discussion with the audience.  The aim of the
events is to introduce contemporary video artists (from and outside our
country) and to make the audiences acquainted with video art as such and
also to nurture this field of art.

 One is going to meet a couple of new changes this year. There has been
changes in the structure of the presentations and the venues are going to be
different too. Video Presentations are moving from last year's location the
Labor (1053 Budapest, Képíró u. 6.) to the spacious rooms of *Műcsarnok *(1146
Dózsa György út 37.)

The invited artist of the next presentation: *Roland Wegerer (A)***

Date: Thursday the* 5th November 2009 *Time: *7pm** ***

Roland Wegerer was born in 1974 in Amstetten, Austria
Training for technical draftsman, since 1997 express intense in art.
Since 2005 studies at University of art and industrial design Linz. Lives
and works in St. Nikola/Danube and Linz.

The investigation of positioning the individual is a central task in the
work of Roland Wegerer. For this he dives deeply into the daily life of
everyone. Rituals, practices and preferences are recorded and get examinated
on their qualities. He uses familiar objects in distorted ways, turns action
sequences backwards or focuses details of the human body to intervense in
socially formed structures.

>From the collective society, he uses pattern numerous associations. There
are the relations of man to his surroundings and the experience of daily
life (breathing, chewing, sleeping, etc.) he is interested in. In all his
work Wegerer shows processual what the average quantity of sculptural
quality emerges is when a human being confrontational meets on a material or
an element (dust, air, water, etc.). He goes from an expanded notion of
sculpture. The interest is not the formal product, the object itself, nor
its aesthetics. To create a work of art can also be just an ordinary stand
out against its logical context, words and meaning attached to the outside
of the narrow range of the visible stem.

The search for the position and the role of an artist in society, the
treatment of current and enduring issues and attempts to answer them driving
Roland Wegerer work forward.

Venue:  *Műcsarnok* (1146 Dózsa György út 37.)

More information:  http://www.crosstalk.hu/2009_site/2009_video_hu.html  or

adrien.torok at gmail.com


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