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Art Aspects Kunstverein workshops

place: Island of Lanzarote
organiser: Art Aspects Art Society
url: http://www.art-aspects.de/
Seminars on the island of Lanzarote are aimed at artists and art teachers,
as well as teachers of schools, colleges, and institutions working in
adult education all over Europe. Being part of the EC funded programmes
for lifelong learning (PLL), the seminars are funded by the EC educational
programmes Comenius and Grundtvig mobility. In 2009 the entire course fees
were covered 100% for almost all participants

The art aspects art society deals with questions and subjects located at
the intersection of art, education and European society as a whole, in the
context of a more and more coalescing European culture.
On the one hand, ´art aspects kunstverein` is focused on the networking
and bringing together of artists and teachers (art schools, universities
and academies) from all over Europe.

On the other hand, a very strong focus is on an active and very factual
work. We are interested in working with creative people of all branches of
applied arts from European countries, with whom we can discuss questions
concerning art, society and culture, as well as teaching and educational
In order to achieve these aims, we focus on the development and
composition of ideas and concepts, that will be realised by means of a
common practical process fuelled by the participants of our workshops,
courses, seminars and trainings in Berlin and other European locations.

For more details, please visit: http://www.art-aspects.de

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