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Weimar, Germany

ACC Gallery
16th International Studio Program of the ACC Galerie Weimar and the City
of Weimar

Beyond Desire

The non-profit organization ACC (Autonomous Cultural Center) originated in
1987, before the fall of the Berlin wall, when students occupied a
derelict Renaissance building in the center of the town where Goethe
(inevitably) had had his first residence in Weimar (1776/77). Shortly
before the reunification, ACC protagonists were able to secure the house
with the aid of private sponsors. The institution now consists of a
gallery and a café and offers a cultural program that includes theater,
literature, and lecture series.
The studio is located in the historical Städtisches Atelierhaus (Municipal
studio building), about ten minutes walk to the ACC Galerie Weimar in the
town center. In addition to the visiting international artists, the
well-lit studio building accommodates ten other Weimar artists.

ROOM AND BOARD: Rent-free furnished apartment in the Weimar Atelierhaus
with telephone/answering machine and DSL internet; meals are available at
ACC Café-Restaurant at reduced prices (70%).

PARTICIPATION: Artists who would like to produce works of art in
accordance with the outlined theme can apply.

The jury will select three artists, each of whom will spend four months
living and working in Weimar. Student’s applications cannot be accepted.

DISPLAY AND EXHIBITION: The ACC Galerie Weimar employs a curator who
develops a conception and a publication together with the artists. During
the residency the curator will decide together with the artists whether
and how the selected work(s) will be presented at the ACC Galerie Weimar
in 2010. Where appropriate, works of art will be displayed in public
spaces in Weimar for time periods to be agreed upon with the artists. In
case of a group exhibition of all Studio Program participants a small
catalogue will be produced. It is intended that the artists are present
during the preparation and for the opening of the exhibition.

ACC COLLECTION: The former participants of the program left one or two
important works of art completed during their stay in Weimar to become
part of the ACC Galerie Collection. It is up to the future participants to
follow this tradition. The gallery and the artist(s) will select the works

WORK PERIODS: February 1st – May 31st, 2010; June 1st – September 30th,
2010; October 1st, 2009 – January 31st, 2011

STIPEND: The selected artists will receive a monthly stipend of 1.000€. In
order to receive the stipend the artists have to live in Weimar during the
work period. The artists are also expected to hold a lecture/talk at the
ACC Galerie Weimar at the end of his/her stay in Weimar. In addition we
offer free entry to public municipal institutions, such as the Museum of
the History of Weimar, and to the museums of the Weimar Classic
Foundation, such as the Weimar Art Collection, the Goethe National Museum,
the Bauhaus Museum, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Dutchess
Anna Amalia Library. Participants are responsible for their own telephone
bills and have to arrange for their own medical insurance.

LANGUAGES: English and German are official languages of the International
Studio Program. Participants should have a solid grasp of either English
or German.

TRAVEL: The participants must cover their own travel costs, although the
program attempts to find additional funding in cooperation with the

The application rules are enclosed in the entry form.

data limita: 07/12/09 - receiving date

International Studio Program
Burgplatz 1+2
D-99423 Weimar
studioprogram la acc-weimar.de

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