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Scenography Expanding: symposia, Riga/Belgrade/Evora 2010 - invitation &
call for papers

Intersection: Scenography Expanding 1-3. Announcement of three symposia on
scenographic practice and performance design with calls for papers and
registration information.

Symposia 1-3
Riga – Belgrade - Evora 2010

Scenography Expanding: Invitation and Call for Papers

Throughout the past decade, scenographic practice and performance design
have continuously moved beyond the black box of the theatre toward a
hybrid terrain located at the intersections of theatre, architecture,
exhibition, visual arts, and media. Spaces that are at the same time
hybrid, mediated, narrative, and transformative result from a
trans-disciplinary understanding of space and a distinct awareness of
social agency. These two factors of “expansion” may be regarded as the
central driving forces in contemporary scenographic practice and thought.

With the aim of initiating and hosting an active and trans-disciplinary
discourse on the notion of an expanding scenography, the Prague
Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space issues an invitation and a
Call for Papers for Scenography Expanding 1-3 in 2010. The symposia will
engage with notions of spectatorship, artists/authors, and curating in
relation to the diverse artistic positions in contemporary spatial design.

In preparation for the Intersection Project of the Prague Quadrennial in
June, 2011, we invite researchers in practice and theory (artists,
curators, programmers, directors, dramaturgs, critics, and theorists) to
participate in 3 international scenography symposia held in Riga, Belgrade
and Évora during 2010. Scenography Expanding 1-3 will be followed up by a
publication comprised of selected speakers` contributions.

Scenography Expanding 1: On Spectatorship
February 25 – 27, 2010
New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

On Spectatorship will engage with effects of a proposed “scenographic
turn” on notions of spectatorship in performance design and space.
How are contemporary theories of spectatorship Expanding by the
increasingly hybrid spaces that we inhabit? Is “space” becoming a
governing factor in the negotiation between performers and spectators?

Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts: 15.12.2009
Scenography Expanding 2: On Artists/Authors
July 9 – 11, 2010
BELEF Center and Festival, Belgrade, Serbia

On Artists/Authors will investigate the identity of the artist/author in
concept, construction and participation of hybrid scenographic and
performance design spaces.
Is and/or how is the transdisciplinary nature of scenographic projects
reflected in the theoretical discourse on scenography? When does audience
and/or curator turn co-creator?
Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts: 15.3.2010
Scenography Expanding 3: On Curating
September 27 – 29, 2010
Festival Escrita na Paisagem and Centro de História da Arte e Investigação
Artística (CHAIA), Évora, Portugal

On Curating is concerned with the complex role of the curator in
exhibiting spatial practice. When does an artist become a curator? Who is
the author of a space? Between Badious’ call for “decidedness” (2005) and
Bourriauds’ relational aesthetics (2002) – where do we stand?
Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts: 15.6.2010

Symposia conveners
Sodja Lotker, Prague Quadrennial Artistic Director
Thea Brejzek, Prague Quadrennial Curator for Theory
Please send abstracts of 300 words max and a short bio to:
sodja.lotker la pq.cz and thea.brejzek la zhdk.ch (application form at
www.intersection.cz). We will inform you within two weeks of the
submission deadline whether your proposal has been accepted.

More information, including registration forms and the full program
(keynote speakers and speakers, publication details, etc.), will be
updated on: http://www.intersection.cz

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