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Dear colleagues,
I need your help. Here, in Bulgaria, we (the art professionals) are in a big 
fight with the Ministry of Culture concerning our participation at the Venice 
Biennial. After 4 years of silence we noticed at the web-site of the Venice 
biennial that Bulgaria will participate with three artists. No concourse, no 
even official announcement. The information was kept secretly hidden to the very 
last moment. After we wrote an open letter to the Minister, we received a very 
arrogant explanation that a big company proposed them to sponsor the 
participation and they let them to chose the artists!
Although we are used to this ignorant attitude (or probably because of that) we 
are trying now to collect information about the procedures in your countries. 
What institution is responsible for that, what are the rules and regulations...
I will be very grateful if you provide me with such an information.
All the best,
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