[Oberlist] PL* call/res: Mindware. Technologies of Dialogue - program of artistic residences as part of the Polish presidency in EU, Lublin, the Fall of 2011

Magdalena Kawa magdalena.kawa at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 12:24:39 CEST 2011

Project title: Mindware. Technologies of Dialogue - Artistic residences

Deadline: April 15, 2011

Time of residence: September 22 - October 9, 2011

Conditions: The salary, travel costs and accommodation will be  
provided. More details will be delivered as soon as the list of  
participants is ready, which is going to happen latest at the  
beginning of May. The organizers provide the place of work, meeting,  
lectures including the technical support. The costs of work‘s  
implementation are going to be covered according to the initial  
assignments and the technical specification.

About the project: The program of artistic residences “Mindware” aims  
at creating an area for artistic reflection and intervention in the  
urban space of social communication. Nowadays, the space is dominated  
by digital media technologies and the networks connecting them, which  
project new modes of perceiving and understanding the reality. Not  
only have those technologies become a permanent element of the public  
sphere landscape – in the sense of “material presence” and on the  
level of “invisible presence” by their ranges and transmissions – but  
they also conquer collective imaginaries and the languages related to  
them. The artists and theoreticians invited to Lublin’s residencies  
will be requested to interpret the codes which are embedded in the  
space, and which are used to convey the means of communication and  
available rules and patterns of dialogue. Criticism towards the  
“digital” representations and languages, that is the logic of  
“digital” culture coding, will be the frame of reference for  
conducting Lublin’s artistic residences. The artists – the residents,  
accompanied by communication and culture research theorists – will be  
confronted with materially present urban “hardware,” in the form of  
urban infrastructure, and the “operating system” regulating the  
“hardware,” namely the applied rules of communication. Thus, the  
created work of arts will constitute the living cultural “software”  
embodying the title mindware. We expect artistic productions  
(mindwares) with material application of digital and network  
technologies and/or symbolic work with their cultural  
“spirit” (interface, imaginaries).

Application: There is no application form. The application (via email)  
should be written in English and include description o the artist  
(around 1500 signs) and his/her portfolio with the selection of works  
regarding to the subject of the residence as well as descriptions of  
ideas which are going to be developed during the project. Please send  
the application to Magdalena Kawa (magdalena.kawa at gmail.com or info at cyberlublin.pl 
). The application also can be delivered per post: Warsztaty Kultury,  
ul. Popiełuszki 5, 20-052 Lublin, Poland

More information: Magdalena Kawa, magdalena.kawa at gmail.com, 0048 608  
674 517, please read also the attachment

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