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    Call for applications

    Sir, Dear Madam,

       La Virgule, the Cross-Border Centre for Theatrical
    Creation, is launching an appeal for applications for the 3rd Les
    festival, which will take place at Hospice d’Havré - maison Folie
    (F), from 04 - 09 June 2012, on the theme: The Lie (Lies).

       During the festival week, 10 teams from the European
    Union will present, in the form of theatricalised readings in their
    respective languages, and once only, the project pieces that they have
    developed around the chosen theme. The teams are invited for the whole
    festival period so that they might be able to meet one another and work
    together in workshops and forums. The winning piece at the festival
will be
    co-produced by La Virgule and included in the programme in its finished
    form for the 2012/2013 season.

       We would be obliged if you would inform the professional
    artists in your circle (authors, directors, actors and theatre companies)
    of the launch of this appeal for projects.

       It would be of great assistance to us if you would agree

       - distribute this information through your newsletters
    and websites, or display this appeal for projects in your premises

       - send La Virgule a list of theatre companies and artists
    likely to be interested in the festival.

       I remain at your disposal should you require any further
    information concerning the festival, and thank you in advance for the
    support you will be able to provide towards the success of this latest

       Kind regards,

       Fabien Hénocq

       Communication Manager
    EN : Read
    the call for applications on our website
    Download : the call
    for applications / the
    application form
    FR : Lire
    l'appel à candidatures sur notre site internet
    Télécharger : l'appel à
    candidatures / le
    formulaire de candidature
    NL : De
    oproet tot kandidaturen op onze website lezen
    Dowloaden : de oproep
    tot kandidaturen / de
    DE : Die
    Aufruf zur Bewerbung auf unserer Website lesen
    Herunterladen : die Aufruf
    zur Bewerbung / das
    La Virgule

    Centre Transfrontalier de Création Théâtrale


    Direction Jean-Marc Chotteau

    82 boulevard Gambetta, 59200 Tourcoing

    Tél : +33 (0)3 20 27 13 63 / +32 (0)56 860 164

    Avec le soutien de l'Union Européenne : Fonds Européen de
    Développement Régional

    Interreg efface les frontières / Interreg doet grenzen vervagen

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