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Precum bine se vede, *coruptia* si *aproprierea* de capital simbolic -- de
catre capitalul finanxiar mai mare & mai mic, precum si de grupurile de
interese extraculturale -- devine un loc comun in culturile mici. Moldova nu
mai e o exceptie, ci o caz comun!

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>   Dear colleagues,
> I need your help. Here, in Bulgaria, we (the art professionals) are in a
> big fight with the Ministry of Culture concerning our participation at the
> Venice Biennial. After 4 years of silence we noticed at the web-site of the
> Venice biennial that Bulgaria will participate with three artists. No
> concourse, no even official announcement. The information was kept secretly
> hidden to the very last moment. After we wrote an open letter to the
> Minister, we received a very arrogant explanation that a big
> company proposed them to sponsor the participation and they let them to
> chose the artists!
> Although we are used to this ignorant attitude (or probably because of
> that) we are trying now to collect information about the procedures in your
> countries. What institution is responsible for that, what are the rules and
> regulations...
> I will be very grateful if you provide me with such an information.
> All the best,
> Maria
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Yours very truly,

«Христос воскресе из мертвых, смертию смерть поправ и сущим во гробех живот
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