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Fri Apr 29 22:07:18 CEST 2011

Zagreb, Croatia

Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo, Pepermint

Invitation for designers up to 35 years of age

Last year's 24 hours of design saw an intense and refreshing mixture of
creativity, education, fraternization, networking and fun, leaving us -
like any party worth going to - with contacts, positive energy and a wish
to do it all again.
In the second edition of D-Day we aim to conquer the space within and
around Stara klaonica (Old Slaughterhouse). For one day only, the venue
will host the best productions of young designers up to 35 years of age.
We intend to present everything a designer's head can come up with, as
well as all that it wishes and has to share with others: concepts,
prototypes, self-initiated and purchased works, realized and unrealized
projects, all of which are treated equally.

As always, limits should become advantages – think about the exhibiting
format because every designer has a 5m² exhibition space at his/her
disposal. In addition to the designer fair, we have organised an intensive
programme that includes lectures, presentations, projections, workshops as
well as musical and other types of events. A designer never sleeps -
his/her day is flexible. Therefore, this year, you can participate, view
exhibits, have fun and mingle until Sunday 12 June 6pm.

We wish to show the potential of design and inspire young designers to
show everything they can do, know how to do and do. The purpose of D-Day
is to give an opportunity and venue to young designers to present
themselves to the general public, present their work to entrepreneurs and
meet colleagues from other countries of the region. Design perpetuates
cultural and social development and it is an important factor for the
development of a competitive economy. D-Day asserts and demonstrates this
potential within a short period of time, but in a format that is
intensive. Last year’s 24 hours of design showed that we know how to
hob-nob and party, and this year we set our goals even higher.

All interested exhibitors can apply by submitting the on-line registration
until 2 May 2011, at the latest. The registration form consists of general
information about the author and has to include a PDF document not larger
than 2.5 Mb that contains several reference works and the basic concept of
the D-Day presentation. Students are allowed to exhibit works created as
part of their educational programme. All such works must stipulate the
mentorship (i.e. the presentation should be in accordance with specific
rules of the academic institution, if such rules have been proscribed).

Applications will be accepted until 2 May 2011, and the final list of
exhibitors will be published on 10 May 2011. Due to the limited number of
exhibitors (100 max.), organizers shall determine the preliminary
selection on grounds of the quality of all submitted works. Apart from
students and young authors, this year we also invite owners and
distributors (above all local and regional) of designer brands to
participate at the designer market, the sales outlet part of the fair. All
those interested please contact us at the e-mail below.

Terms and Conditions

Only students and designers from SE Europe (up to 35 years of age) may
take part at the main fair for young authors (if a work is designed by a
group of authors, the criterion is the total age average, which has to be
35 or less).

The arrangement of exhibition spaces will be determined by the Organizer
in agreement with exhibiting authors. Special demands regarding exhibits
(electricity, assistance in installing the exhibit, etc.) must be stated
in the application. All instalments are conducted exclusively by the
Organizer. Authors may begin decorating their spaces two days prior to the
start of D-Day, and are obligated to finish their preparations by Saturday
11 June 9pm. Exhibit spaces may be dismantled once D-Day ends, i.e. Sunday
12 June 6pm. If an exhibit space is not dismantled by Monday 13 June 12pm,
the Organizer will not be held responsible for the exhibit or its

In case there is a justified reason due to which an exhibitor cannot
conform to these rules, they are obliged to inform the Organizer about
such reasons before D-Day begins. The Organizer will provide exhibitors
with free exhibition cards/accreditation. All exhibitors must pick up
their accreditations at Organizer’s info-desk.

The exhibitor or a representative of the exhibitor shall be present at the
exhibition space for the entire duration of the fair. The Organizer is not
responsible for any damage made to the exhibits.

All exhibitors must prepare a brief presentation of their work (5
minutes). The presentation must be prepared in accordance with the
instructions given to all exhibitors and delivered by 5 June 2011.

Exhibitors must also provide a detailed technical description of their
exhibit spaces by 1 June 2011.

data limita: 02/05/11

Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo
Boškovićeva 18
10 000 Zagreb
info at dan-d.info


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