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Kansk, Russia

International Kansk video festival
Call for entries

for video and film artists

International Kansk Video Festival (Russia/Siberia) is not a conventional
film festival. It is an experiment in time and space. The place
. the
small Siberian city of Kansk, was found on the Internet by chance and
selected as its name correlates with the Cannes Film Festival, Kansk in
the Russian language is pronounced the same as Cannes. I grew as an
artistic joke
.Siberia having it’s own ‘Festival de Cannes’.
We remind 7 main differences of the International Kansk Video Festival:

Kansk Video Festival provides a social platform for alternative and
innovative films, its producing and promoting. Those works are beyond the
bounds of mainstream in cinematography, as well in contemporary art.

Kansk Video Festival is international competition of films, videos and
video-art, also of adjoining genres in visual art, on the border between
cinema and contemporary art.

Kansk Video Festival is a neutral territory in which independent views,
even radical ones, but rethinked by actual culture, are encouraged.

Kansk Video Festival is a provider of new names, genres, styles, fresh
ideas for all-absorbing reservoir of film industry and television . The
festival of art discoveries will not stop in pioneer research of our
visual future.

Kansk Video Festival is the first Eurasian film and video forum opened for
everybody freethinking, little known and celebrated artists and film

Kansk Video Festival is education laboratory that develops its auditory by
screening actual art, films and videos out of cultural capitals and
traditional for many film festivals "palm-and-beach" places.

Kansk Video Festival is art-territory and anti-Hollywood.


1. Professional film and video makers or video artists can submit to the
Festival, as well as amateurs.

2. Festival entry is free.

3. Only digital productions are accepted - short films or video art
projects. Maximum running time of submissions should last no longer than
30 minutes. There are no running time limits for the special nominations
"Audiovisual performance" and "Video installation". Film copies aren`t

4. Russian films participate in the International competition without any
special conditions.

5. One author can submit to the Festival any number of works.

6. Each film can be entered to one of seven nominations.

7. Festival nominations: Fiction, Documentary, Experimental, Animation,
Video art, Audiovisual performance, Video installation.

8. The Festival accepts films and videos produced after the 1st of January
2009 only.

9. Deadline for entries - June 1, 2011.

10. If submission is late to the competition 2011 (delivered after the 1st
of June 2010) it would be automatically postponed to the next year

11. Only submissions accompanied with detailed Entry Form are accepted.
You can fill out Online Entry Form or download printable version on our

12. Visual materials (films, video art works, etc.) can be submitted and
uploaded at reelport.com (in this case you won`t send us application by

13. Only DVD-copies (screening quality) of your entry can be sent by post
to the postal address below. Please do not send us DVD copies with
copyright protection as such applications aren`t accepted.

14. If original language of your entry is neither Russian nor English,
film should be subtitled in one of those two languages or an English
dialogue list must be attached.

15. All entries will be shown to the Selection Committee.

16. Works submitted to nominations "Audiovisual performance" and "Video
installation" are selected by special curator appointed by the Festival

17. All submissions selected to the competition programme will be showed
to the Jury. Non-selected entries can be shown in the framework of the
festival special screenings.

18. All submissions will be kept in the festival archive. We do not return
entries to authors (please send us only copies, not originals).

19. Festival awards:
Gran Prix - Palm Secateur D`Or
1st, 2nd, 3rd Diplomas
Diploma for the Best Russian Film
Special Diplomas of Jury

20. All entries will be posted on our web-site after 10th of June, 2011.

21. The list of selected films will appear on our web-site after 1st of
August, 2011.

22. Authors of selected films are invited to participate in the festival.
We cover transportation and hotel expenses for all period of your stay.
Author is obliged to be present at his film`s presentation.

23. Award winners will be announced on the web-site on 29th of August,
2011, after closing ceremony of the Festival.

24. Authors of films selected to special screenings can participate in the
Festival by their own expenses only.

25. Grand-Prix Winner 2011 will be invited to the Festival Jury 2012.

If you agree with the Festival Regulations please fill out the Entry form
and send us your submission!

Submission via reelport.com (4 steps):
1. Register
2. Submit your film
3. Submit credits
4. Upload film

Submission via the Festival web-site (4 steps):
1. Register
2. Fill out entry form
3. Print it and sign
4. Send us your entry by post

data limita: 01/06/11

International Kansk Video Festival
post box #35, post office #184
115184 Moscow
tel: + 7(095)9515404
fax: +7 095 951 6585
videodom at gmail.com


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