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Enghien-les-bains, France

RAN (Digital Arts Network)
Call for proposals for digital productions

For artists and researchres

A platform for exchange, exploration and co-production for the digital
arts, bringing together facilities for international production,
broadcasting, training and research, the RAN (Digital Arts Network) is
launching a first call for proposals aimed at artists, scientists,
technicians, businesses, scenographers, computer graphists, visual
artists, musicians and multimedia creators.
The initiative of the artistic creation must come from artists themselves
and not directly from cultural, industrial or scientific organisations.
That is why, the RAN organisations launch this call for proposals to
develop the best conditions to detect artistic projects and to allow them
to be created. The aim is to develop through this experience a common
methodology of coproduction.

Based on this premise, the members of the RAN give to this pilot Call for
Projects the following objectives:

1. Allow innovative artistic projects to be created and distributed ;

2. Bring to the forefront problems so theoretical as technical and\or
economic of the creation, the production and the distribution of
technological and artistic works and bring them pragmatic solutions;

3. Increase the sharing of knowledges, skills and tools, by working on
exemplary cases and from concrete projects;

4. Stimulate the mobility of the professionals between places and
organisations which often suffer from having big specialisation and depart
mentalised within the organisation;

5. Develop the cross-disciplinary cooperations: scientific, technical and

That is why this pilot Call for Proposals emphasizes the necessity for the
applicants to work via objective agreements between researchers and
artists within identified platforms. It seems the best base to create the
conditions of a creative meeting and a work synergy between the cultural,
training and scientific (or industrial) organisations of the network and
the artists, scientists, researchers applicants.

The developement of the/these pilot project(s), selected by a jury ad hoc,
will include a research and creation pathway, specific for each project,
in the various organisations of the network which will have undertaken to
coproduce them/it. It will include also the sharing of ressources, skills,
equipment, financing and distribution.

The working stages proposed to the artists will be the following ones:

1. Reflection and research;
2. Possible Training;
3. Experimentation in the structures ad hoc;
4. Creation and production;
5. Distribution.

However, the RAN don’t want to fix a stiff chronology in the artistic
approach or a predefined hierarchy in research, creation and production
stages. The selected projects will keep their own logic of systems. This
precaution aims to certify to the artists and to the researchers to
follow-up their work from the beginning to the end ; while at present, in
the practice, time of the experiment don’t differ to time of production.

What are the project categories?
Three types of project are:
1. Live performances employing digital resources
2. Installations using digital resources
3. Net.art

Proposals must be submitted by a team composed of at least one artist and
one scientist/engineer.

Applicants must present a project that has not been completed or produced
already, a work in progress or a model. Projects must be original.
Applicants must also have raised 20% of the funding required for their
project, whatever the source and form of this financing.

The project or projects selected will be co-financed or co-produced by at
least three RAN members, who will name among them an executive producer.
They could search any sources of support outside the RAN They/it will be
created and/or produced at successive residencies at the premises of these
members, who will provide their know-how and own resources.

Each co-producer will take in charge the financing and the organization of
the stage which he welcomes directly or indirectly. Each co-producer will
programme the production for their respective audiences and finance the
related costs and fees regarding the distribution.

data limita: 01/03/11

RAN - centre des arts
12/16 rue de la libération
95880 Enghien-les-bains
tel: + 33 1 39 64 11 39
contact at ran-dan.net


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