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University School of Art and Design Aalto University: Call for
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*Master's Degree Program in Fine Arts*
Helsinki, Finland

*Deadline for applications: 28 February 2011*

"Art is not a mirror that reflects the reality but a hammer which shapes
Bertolt Brecht

The MA program, lasting 2 years, takes in max 10 new students each year and
aims to produce contemporary artists that are artistically, philosophically
and politically conscious and active.

The studies are a combination of theoretical studies and studio practice. In
addition to organized teaching and course schedule each students is provided
with personal studio space and/or other resoures needed for his/her
autonomous artistic work.

The program is not tied to any single artistic medium: painters, media
artists, performance artists, interdisciplinary artists etc. study side by
side in the program and we see this as a major advantage and an important
form of cross-pollination.

The program's combination of practical and theoretical studies also
encourages and enables its students to apply for doctoral studies after the
MA degree.

The program is lead by artist, Professor (Doctor of Fine Arts) Teemu Mäki

*Teaching languages*
English and Finnish, according to the needs of the

*About application process and the program*

*More about the program*
The Master's Degree Program in Fine Arts prepares students to be
contemporary artists. The extent of the studies is 120 ECTS credits, two
years of study. The program started in 1994 under the name PALLAS Master of
Arts program in Fine Arts. The program has a social emphasis; understanding
the surrounding society is as important as studies in art history and
theory. Art is not a retreat from the world, but a form of understanding and
changing the world.

Applicants do not have to consider themselves as social or political
artists. The program is open to everyone, regardless of their form of
expression, school of thought or world view, but it always views art as a
philosophical and political phenomenon and a part of society – not as a
separate refuge for "pure aesthetics".

The central principle behind the Master's Degree Program in Fine Arts is the
interaction between art and science, and between fine art, design and visual
culture. The program's location in a multidisciplinary art and science
university allows for this interaction and diversity in a way that is unique
for Finland and fairly rare in the whole world.

Links to other art and design professions represented at the School of Art
and Design (e.g. new media, photography, graphic design, ceramic and glass
design, textile art and design, scenography, spatial design, industrial
design) and now also at the School of Economics and the four schools of
technology provide students with opportunities for understanding the
artist's profession in a much broader context than before. The program also
often collaborates with other local art universities, such as the Theatre
Academy of Finland, and has an active international student and faculty
exchange system.

Some of our current students:

Timo Bredenberg http://timobredenberg.com
Aulis Harmaala http://www.aulisharmaala.info
Miina Hujala http://miina.linnake.net
Heidi Hänninen http://www.heidihanninen.com
Riina Hänninen http://www.riinuart.com
Sanna Härkönen http://www.sannaharkonen.com
Henna Inkinen http://www.hennainkinen.net
Jonna Karanka http://www.lurtta.com
Katariina Katla http://www.katariinakatla.com
Mika Korento http://krnt.wordpress.com
Mari Pihlajakoski http://koti.welho.com/maripihlajakoski
Anna-Liisa Kankaanmäki http://www.annaliisakankaanmaki.com
Kukka Ranta http://kukkaranta.blogspot.com http://nollatoleranssi.info/
Hannele Rosenbröjer http://hannelerosenbroijer.wordpress.com
Toshie Takeuchi http://toshietakeuchi.blogspot.com
Susanna Vuorio http://www.susannavuorio.com
Kari Vehosalo http://www.karivehosalo.com
Eero Yli-Vakkuri http://www.storijapan.net/wordpress

A few artists who have graduated from the program:

Ulrika Ferm http://www.platform.fi/ulrika
Mika Karhu http://www.mikakarhu.com
Eeva-Mari Haikala http://www.eeva-mari.net
Samuli Heimonen http://www.samuliheimonen.com
Minna Jatkola http://www.minnajatkola.com
Kaisu Koivisto http://www.kaisukoivisto.com
Anne Koskinen http://www.annekoskinen.fi
Tommi Lehtovirta http://koti.welho.com/tlehtovi
Marcus Lerviks http://www.marcuslerviks.com
Laura Lilja http://www.lauralilja.net
Suvi Parrilla http://www.suviparrilla.com
Selja Raudas http://www.seljaraudas.net
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