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Subject: Ecole du Magasin: Call for application
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February 7, 2011
École du Magasin

Session 21 (2011-2012)

École du Magasin
Site Bouchayer-Viallet
155 cours Berriat
38000 Grenoble
Contact :
Lore Gablier / Coordinator
p + 33 (0)4 76 21 64 75
l.gablier at magasin-cnac.org

Founded in 1987, the independent curatorial training program, the
École du Magasin, was set up to provide a professional environment
for a rigorous combination of research and practice. Since its
inception, emphasis has been placed on the exhibition as an open
platform that allow for different fields or strategies of
representation to be explored and consequently drawn upon. The École
encourages various curatorial approaches that include not only how a
project takes form but also how aesthetic and didactic strategies can
be combined with the aim of providing information in more
research-driven projects; how to take into account and integrate newly
developed network cultures and technology; how a curatorial project
can be understood in a given context; and finally how an exhibition
can express the specific curatorial working-group process which is
central to the École philosophy.

The conception and production of a collective curatorial project,
presented in public, is a constant aim that is derived from the
pedagogical philosophy. Each session lasts nine months, from October
to early July, and is divided into two stages: from the establishment
of a framework and a collective working method, to the production of
the final curatorial project. Both stages require their specific form
of advisory and pedagogical frameworks that the École manages in
relation with the project advisor, guest lecturers and field visits.

The École du Magasin draws its strength from a wide range of
international participants and advisors in which English serves as the
shared working language. This is aimed at broadening the horizons of
all participants and drawing attention to a larger, shared
contemporary discourse of critical theory and contemporary art.
Through the diversity of cultures and heritages at work together in
the program, the École has developed a unique heterogeneity, further
benefitting the group experience of contemporary enquiry.

The program is open to candidates who have obtained
the equivalent of a master's degree or who can show relevant
professional experience.

Candidates should have knowledge of the production and mediation of
contemporary art within an institutional context and be open to the
diversity of current artistic positions, spaces and languages, as well
as alternative economies and emerging practices specific to the field
of art.
A reasonable fluency in English is required and an ability
to shift between languages is encouraged.

Admission to the École
du Magasin is approved in two stages:

	1.	A pre-selection based on an application, which includes a current
CV, a letter o motivation, three letters of recommendation (from
teachers or professionals in the field of art), a fee of 65 EUROS, a
curatorial project proposal of no more than three pages. The proposal
is for admission purposes only and is not intended for consideration
during the session.
Applications must be sent between 1 February and 30 April 2011.

	2.	An interview with a jury in Grenoble. Pre-selected candidates
will be informed by letter of the date of the interview (scheduled in
June). Interviews via Internet can be arranged on a case-by-case

Session expenses are covered by L'Ecole. Participants are not
required to pay tuition fees, but must assume their own living

The École du Magasin is an independent training program. Course
completion does not grant university credit or a diploma.

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