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> Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 11:30:02 +0300
> Subject: Life in the Forest opens today in Bialystok, Poland
> From: rael at publicpreparation.org
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> Your Periphery Is My Centre project series presents:
> From 14 October 2011 to 20 November 2011
> Opening: 18:00
> Curator: Rael Artel
> Place: Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok, Poland
> Participating artists: Jakup Ferri (Priština, Kosovo / Amsterdam, the
> Netherlands), Laura Garbštiene (Vilnius, Lithuania), Pawel Grzes (Gródek,
> Polska), Ben Cain (London, UK) & Tina Gverovic (Dubrovnik, Croatia /
> London, UK) & Siniša Ilic (Belgrade, Serbia), Tanja Muravskaja (Tallinn,
> Estonia), Kaspars Podnieks (Drusti, Latvia), R.E.P. group (Kyiv, Ukraine),
> Silja Saarepuu & Villu Plink (Tallinn, Estonia), Sener Özmen (Diyarbakir,
> Turkey)
> "Life in the Forest" is an international exhibition of contemporary art
> that discusses the positions and conditions of contemporary art
> professionals, who live and work in peripheral areas of the country,
> continent or cultural context. Contemporary art practices and exhibition
> making is usually associated with the metropolitan context which besides
> intellectually vivid and socially exciting environment also provides all
> necessary infrastructure for artistic production. Contemporary artistic
> life-styles depend on art institutions and their audiences as well as
> network of art schools, galleries and collectors. But what happens outside
> of the "developed" world metropolises? What do the artists who live
> outside of these centers think and produce? How do they follow and relate
> to the recent developments in the field of contemporary art? How do they
> position themselves and which attitudes articulate? Cannot the whole
> region of former Eastern Europe be seen as one big "forest" with a few
> expanses inside?
> The thematic focus of the "Life in the Forest" show has two starting
> points: firstly it departs from the very location of its venue – Bialystok
> is a city located not only in the periphery of Poland, but also in the
> edge of European Union close to the border of Belarus. It is a kind of
> border zone, where different political, cultural, economic and religious
> margins overlap, and to where it is rather difficult to travel. Another
> point of departure is my own precarious life-style in an ultimate end of
> Europe, in the forests of Estonia. Living and working in these kind of
> geographically and culturally remote areas evokes a questions: what does
> it mean to be an artist in the context like Bialystok? Or Klaipeda? Or
> Rijeka? My aim is not just to gather the art works produced in different
> provincial contexts, but to reflect critically to the phenomenon of
> artists living and working in the marginal regions of the (art) world or
> in the locations far from cities or civilization in general. In "Life in
> the Forest", the keywords like (self-)isolation, survival strategies,
> (self-)colonialism, alternative working methods and life styles, cultural
> translation processes, and mediated communication will be under
> discussion.
> The exhibition is accompanied by a bilingual (Polish and English)
> catalogue/exhibition guide edited by Rael Artel, designed by Jaan Evart
> and published by the Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok. Texts by Rael Artel, Ben
> Cain & Tina Gverovic & Siniša Ilic, Kiwa, Joanna Sokolowska, Katrina
> Teivane. 64 pages.
> "Life in the Forest" is the third step in the traveling cycle Your
> Periphery Is My Centre, a series of contemporary art presentations in
> various formats that examine ambivalent aspects of the life in former
> Eastern Europe and its neighboring regions. The first exhibition in
> project series "Lost in Transition" took place in summer 2011 in
> Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia in Tallinn:
> http://ekkm-came.blogspot.com/2011_07_01_archive.html
> The second show "After Socialist Statues" is presented now at KIM?
> Contemporary Art Centre, Riga:
> http://www.kim.lv/programma/Izstades/%22After_Socialist_Statues%22/195/1
> More info:
> Rael Artel
> rael (at) publicpreparation.org
> Co-financed from the funds of the ministry of Culture and National Heritage
> Media Patron: O.pl Polski Portal Kultury
> ------------------------
> Forever Yours,
> Rael Artel
> gsm: + 372 56 229 213
> email: rael at publicpreparation.org
> skype: raelartel
> www.publicpreparation.org
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