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#occupy and assemble∞

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>From the sit-ins on the Kasbah Square in Tunis to the tents on Rothschild
Boulevard in Tel Aviv, from the encampments on the Puerta del Sol in
Madrid to
Syntagma Square in Athens, from the Wisconsin Uprising to Occupy LA, from
Tahrir Square in Cairo to Liberty Plaza in New York - there is an incredible
movement of occupations growing in this year of 2011. Slogans like “They
represent us” call for a non-representationist political practice,
forms of assembling bring new meaning to the good old general assembly,
reappropriations of space and time thwart the logic of private and public:
There is a new abstract machine in the making, traversing the local
empowering itself with every new space that is occupied, every new assembly
that finds another form of expression and sociality. This issue of
is a discursive component of this abstract machine emerging from the actual
experiences of Occupy Wall Street, dedicated to all the precarious occupiers
in the world.



Judith Butler: Bodies in Alliance and the Politics of the Street

Nicole Demby: Liberty Plaza. A "Message" Entangled with its Form

Isabell Lorey: Non-representationist, Presentist Democracy

Gerald Raunig: The Molecular Strike

Nato Thompson: The Occupation of Wall Street Across Time and Space

Dan S. Wang: From One Moment to the Next, Wisconsin to Wall Street


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