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Subject: [transversal] call for applications to the School of Missing Studies
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We are pleased to announce the launch of the School of Missing Studies,
a one-time only, two-year Master’s program on Art and Learning, headed
by Bik Van der Pol. Commencing September 2013 at the Sandberg Instituut
in Amsterdam, the School of Missing Studies is now open for

Application deadline: April 1, 2013.


‘As political and economical forces have come to shape the perception
of culture, (art) education – regarded to be a place of cultural
production – has fallen behind. Education and learning need to reclaim
space, as they are means to participate in politics, creating forms of
political socialization.’ – Bik Van der Pol, course directors.

The School of Missing Studies takes its title from an ongoing project
initiated by Bik Van der Pol in 2003, in collaboration with artists,
thinkers, and architects. Since its initiation, The School for Missing
Studies (SMS) has functioned as a nomadic, collaborative platform for
experimental study and research of the public environment (public space,
public time, public good) marked by, or currently undergoing abrupt
transition. In 2013, SMS will also operate as a one-time only, two-year
Master’s program at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Following the
observation that singular disciplines sometimes fail to discern or
capture significant knowledge about uncommon or unprecedented
situations, SMS brings together practitioners with diverse educational
or professional backgrounds, who share a common ideal to make ‘the
missing’ their mission and are interested in (artistic) practice as a
modus operandi for imagination and productive speculation. Both art
project and MA course, SMS proposes to find common and uncommon grounds
for research and practice, from where acute political, social,
educational and urban challenges can be articulated and further debated.
The School of Missing Studies will run from September 2013 to July 2015.

In a world where the value of art is challenged, it is timely to
reinvest in its place in society. The School of Missing Studies strongly
believes in the intrinsic qualities of artistic practice as a means to
disclose – make public – what is at stake in public space. As a platform
for experimental learning, the School of Missing Studies considers
education as a space of experience and encounter, a strategy for
emancipation, and a potential response to public issues. While
functioning as a collective space of discourse, analysis, and
experimentation, SMS also turns to itself – the space of education – as
a model and manifestation of ‘publicness’, taking the paradoxical but
necessary form of a ‘closed’ study program. Within the institutional
setting of the art school, SMS proposes to formulate a notion of
artistic practice that is articulated in dialogue with other fields of
knowledge, and that could generate a political attitude towards the need
of a more ‘general’ practice for effecting change and innovation in
society, that takes the speculative, the undefined – ‘the missing’ –
into account. SMS welcomes students who believe that practice has the
potential to turn the School into a public sphere.

Collectivity is not the result of dialogue, nor is dialogue the result
of collectivity. Learning is a time-based art that implies action,
ritual, theatricality: a tutorial team of thinkers and practitioners
will assist students in developing and formulating new processes of
learning. We imagine a way of learning that is rooted in practice as a
process for continuous reconfiguration, using dialogue as its major mode
of transfer. Collectivity is the means, not the end: in the collective
attempt to find common and uncommon ground, with public space as the
(literally) common denominator, students will enable themselves to
develop conceptual tools and methods for a form of critical (self-)
education. SMS tutors and guests include: Ayreen Anastas, Samira Ben
Laloua, Bik Van der Pol, Maria Boletsi, Rene Gabri, Ernst van den Hemel,
Maria Lind, Sarah Pierce, Praneet Soi, and others to be announced,

This pioneer program is open to 12 students from varied backgrounds
including, but not limited to, arts, design, architecture, and social
and urban sciences. For more information about the program, the Sandberg
Instituut, admission requirements and application procedure, please
visit our webpage at www.sandberg.nl or follow us on facebook.

The artistic practice of Bik Van der Pol is collective, leaving the
studio as a place of production and using the artistic workplace itself
– practice – as a site for research and production. This conscious
political and artistic choice has set the conditions for a (social)
space generated by dialogue and collaboration where an encounter may
happen that might result in a work of art. www.bikvanderpol.net

Best wishes from the School of Missing Studies,

School of Missing Studies
Sandberg Instituut
Fred. Roeskestraat 98

1076 ED, Amsterdam 

T +31 20 5882410 

sms at sandberg.nl
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