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Subject: [artinfo] OPEN CALL paraflows .X EXHIBITION


paraflows turns 10.

To survive you have to be versatile, to adjust, and to evolve.

Migration describes the flow of transformation. Migration applies to
everything from the smallest of cells to the entire planet. It is a
fundamental pace.

Change, development, and shift of language, place, and medium, are at
the centre of Paraflows .X - DIGITAL MIGRATION. Translation of
contents, transposition of the pitch, headlines, subtitles, any and
all topics and fields have long been made compatible with art.
Reminiscences to everyday life are made, research is done abroad, and
the artists present their experiences coloured by their own filters
to an off-context audience in off-context places.

The rising number of worldwide artist in residence-programmes
demonstrates what role is accredited to the mobility of artists and
how highly valued the influence of every visit abroad is. New worlds
are unclosed and movements across borders are encouraged.

Yet, migrant strategies are not just expanding in the physical space
but also in media spaces. More than ever before, real space spreads
out into the digital space. Therefore, the field of migration is
expanded by networks and data carriers.

What share of communication is held digitally? Which pictures go
around the world?

Media art is getting long in the tooth. What happens to a system and
to hardware when new platforms and programmes take over? What happens
to art that depends on historical technology and was especially
developed for it? How do we counteract ubiquitous migration and
conserve an image of the time? Archives and web accumulators, past
technologies - what does the future of the past look like?

Paraflows .X wants to explore and tackle these challenging topics.
You are kindly invited to hand in projects, works, and concepts.

DEADLINE: 15th of February, 2015

Pls send your application as pdf file via e-mail to: office(at)paraflows.at

or ship to:

Museumsplatz 1
A-1070 Vienna

Mandatory information for submissions:
1) name, institution (if existing), address, e-mail, phone number, website/s
2) submitted work: title, medium, author/artist, year of production
3) work description: 1 DIN A4-page maximum
4) technical explanation, room/space requirements (hardware, operating
system, additional software)
5) CD with 1-2 high resolution, printable images
6) biographies
7) documentation of earlier projects, e.g. a link to your website

Language: all submissions have to be in English or in German or need
to have subtitles in one of the two languages. Works in any other
language have to include a text list in either German or English. We
especially encourage international submissions.

DEADLINE: 15th of February, 2015

paraflows CONTACT
Festival management: Guenther Friesinger
Exhibition management: Judith Fegerl
Museumsplatz 1
A-1070 Vienna

End of Artinfo Digest, Vol 72, Issue 6

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