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Subject: [artinfo] CFP: Archive Based Productions

VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture

Call for Papers

Archive Based Productions, Vol. 4, Issue 8, Fall 2015

In 1927, when Esfir Schub released her commissioned film The fall of
the Romanov Dynasty to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the
October Revolution, she hardly knew that her extensive use of film
footage and newsreels of the event would mark the invention of a new
'genre': the archive based production or compilation genre.
Television has adopted this genre, but audiovisual archives have
fuelled a wide array of programmes and genres beyond compilation

Government, business, broadcast and film archives as well as amateur
collections and home videos are commonly used to spark memories and
re-enact events from the past in various contexts. They are made
widely accessible and re-used in traditional broadcast productions or
given a second life in digital environments through online

This issue of VIEW invites scholars, archivists, producers and other
practitioners to consider, highlight and elaborate on the use and
re-use of moving image archives in media productions (for cinema,
television, web, etc.). Contributions are welcome in the form of
(short) articles or video essays.

Proposals are invited to explore (but not limited to) the following
topics and questions:

- Has the digital environment created a paradigm shift in the use of
audiovisual archival materials?
- The authenticity of audiovisual archives in the digital environment;
- In what ways can audiovisual archives transform our relationship to
the past? What is the role of archives in helping us reconnect with
or understand the past? How do national/organisational archive
policies impact or limit the histories that are informed by these
- The audio-visual archive as proof, testimony or document of
reality, as shared heritage or collective memory;
- Case studies using moving images as historical sources;
- The use of archives in creative productions;
- Ahistoricism in the use of audiovisual archival materials;
- Found footage in moving image productions;
- Compilation programmes studied through issues of representation,
distribution, production, reception, etc;
- Various formats and subgenres of compilation programmes:
biographies, historical productions, art forms, etc;
- Comparative studies of the compilation genre;
- The search for identity in audiovisual archive collections;
- The use of national audiovisual collections in a European or
international context.


- Contributions are encouraged from authors with different kinds of
expertise and interests in television and media history.
- Paper proposals (max. 500 words) are due on January 31st, 2015.
- Submissions should be sent to the managing editor of the journal,
Dana Mustata (journal at euscreen.eu). A notice of acceptance will be
sent to authors in the 3rd week of February
- Articles (2 - 4,000 words) will be due on May 15th 2015.
- The VIEW Archive Based Productions Vol. 4, Issue 8, is planned for Fall
- For further information or questions about the issue, please
contact the co-editors: Mette Charis Buchman (mch at dr.dk) and Claude
Mussou (cmussou at ina.fr)

See www.viewjournal.eu for the current and back issues. VIEW is proud
to be an open access journal. All articles are made findable through
the DOAJ and EBSCO databases.


VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture


End of Artinfo Digest, Vol 72, Issue 8

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