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> The Amsterdam based cultural NGO The Beach (Thebeach.nu) is a hub and
> a lab for sustainist design in the multicultural neighborhood New-West
> in Amsterdam. With people and organizations we create projects that
> make communities stronger. Values such as sustainability, human scale
> and sharing are our compass. Designing new forms of relationships -
> creating new social structures - and doing research in underlying
> processes is the core of what we do.
> Examples of our activities?
> Cultural projects & co-design with kids and youth: for example we give
> maker education to kids addressing their local environment.
> Ecological and sustainability projects in green spaces in the city and
> the countryside around Amsterdam: for example a women's group that
> grows herbs and packages and sells them as local tea whilst also using
> tea ceremonies as a way to socially bond.
> As a social-entrepreneurial incubator The Beach helps groups to
> develop their skills with the goal of sustainable sources of income
> and then spinning them out. For example: we have a youth group that
> co-designed (with guidance from professionals) solutions to problems
> that are relevant to their age group such as healthy snacks, an
> augmented reality app that supports youth sporting in public space and
> chairs that support the often strange postures of teenagers when
> they're seated. An example of a successful project that started in The
> Beach and has already become an independent organization is
> https://makersunite.eu
> Within all these projects The Beach develops practice-based know-how,
> sharable methodologies and case-studies in exchange/collaboration with
> partners and academia.
> The Beach is currently seeking contact with like-minded organizations
> and academics in order to:
> 1. Try out existing projects first initiated by other organisations to
> see how they translate to our neighborhood.
> 2. Develop know-how or methods together and explore relevant academic
> topics for future collaborations .
> 3. Find organizations abroad to initiate EU-projects with.
> co-design/arts+social+sustainist practices based on a particular
> neighborhood in your country (or abroad) that may want to do a project
> with Dutch organisation Thebeach.nu? All organizations
> (country/links/contacts please!) entered will be mapped based on
> topics that these organisations have in common and I will share this
> mapping among us/all stakeholders for everyone’s benefit/future
> collaborations. Thanks a lot!
> DO YOU KNOW ACADEMICS (students also welcome) - or are you - a
> co-design/arts+social/organizational academic focussed on local
> initiatives in your country (or abroad) that may want to partner with
> Dutch organisation Thebeach.nu? Please mail me what you see as the
> overlap between Thebeach.nu and your (intended) research. This may
> enable us to invite you and/or work together in the future. Thanks a
> lot!
> With friendly regards,
> Teike Asselbergs
> teike at thebeach.nu

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