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We invite you to visit the discussion and exhibition program “Corridor” on
8 October.

Russia's military invasion of Ukraine became the starting point for the
creation of the Corridor project, which comprehends the post-Soviet reality
that led to today's tragic situation. Since the beginning of Russia's
invasion of Ukraine, Moldova has become one of the important territories,
hosting the largest number of refugees relative to its own population.
Thus, Moldova has become a kind of humanitarian corridor for Ukraine.

This program was a continuation of the Corridor exhibition project, which
opened in early June. The project was created on the initiative of the
artist Tatiana Fiodorova, who invited artists from the post-Soviet states
to create a symbolic humanitarian corridor in order to support each other
and think together about the future.

*Schedule:** 8 **october 13.00-22.00*



Updated exposition "Corridor" supplemented with documentation of new
collective works created by the participants of the Republic of culture
workers laboratory project.

*20.00* / Corridor / Curator tour of the exhibition with the artist Tatiana



*Panel Discussion* with curators, artists and cultural workers from
Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Moldova. The focus is on new challenges and
geopolitical changes associated with the transformation of the post-Soviet
space, which have been taking place recently.


*Nastia Khlestova*, a contemporary art curator from Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Master of Art History (Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Art). Doing a
Ph.D. at the Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně
University in Ústí nad Labem. Her work focuses on the modes of functioning
of artist-run spaces, their history, and their structure. After the war
started Nastia moved to Graz, Austria. She is part of the Office Ukraine.
Shelter for Ukrainian artists team.  Nastia will talk about how Ukrainian
artists are surviving the war using the example of the community of
Ukrainian artists in Graz.

*Sveta Volchak *Former teacher of the Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer
Technologies of the Belarusian State University, dismissed in 2020. She was
at the forefront of the Belarusian student protests in August 2020. She
will tell about the student movement in 2020, her experience of
participation, detention and creativity.

*Anna Kamay*,  an independent curator, cultural manager and producer, who
organizes community-based art projects with the goal of using public space
and contemporary art to meet local needs. Anna curated two major exhibits
tackling the issues of Syrian refugees in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh -
“The Newcomers: Syrians in Armenia”(2016) and “Home to Home”(2017). In 2019
Anna curated Femme In East[feminist], a multimedia installation in Odessa,
Ukraine,  interrogating the experience of females in the post post-Soviet
space through the stories of 15 women from all walks of life, born and
raised in different corners of the ex-USSR. Her activist work in Nagorno
Karabakh (Republic of Artsakh), has further evolved into “ARTsakh Fest”-
Stepanakert’s first ever contemporary art festival aimed at overcoming the
isolation of the conflict-ridden region and revitalizing the abandoned
State Drama Theater which once used to be the community center of the city.
Anna co-produced Francois Jacob's award-winning "Under The Same Sun"
(2020), examining the territorial conflict around the Nagorno-Karabakh and
Louise Martin Papasian’s debut documentary “Conscript”(Appelé -
զորակոչիկ,2020), examining the life of young Armenians, called for
compulsory military service in Nagorno Karabakh . He talks about his
experience in organizing an international contemporary art festival in an
abandoned theater building in Stepanakert.

*Ramin Mazur ,* documentary photographer based in Chisinau. Main focus are
the long term projects reflecting the region he lives in.  Left Bank is a
project that started as an idea to picture Transnistria but ended up as a
homecoming. Several years Ramin was coming back to his home town
occasionally taking pictures, to restore memories about his hometown and

Panel Discussion will be moderated by Fiodorova Tatiana.

*Tatiana  Fiodorova,* artist, curator and educator based in Chisinau.  She
works with questions of social and political history, particularly in
relation to the Post-Soviet transition.


*18:00 – 18:15 / Corridor / **The Camenca river *– stop motion animation
film by *Ghenadie Popescu [AM] /* 11 min, Romanian language with English
*18:15 – 18:45 / Corridor / **The conscript* – a film by *Louise Martin
Papasian [AM] *followed by a discussion with the producer *Anna Kamay [AM]
/ *11 min, Armenian language with English subtitles
*18:45 – 20:00 / Corridor / * *Mesh-film* – a film screening followed by a
discussion with *Sviatlana* *Volchak [BY] / *1h 14 min, Belarusian,
Russian, English languages


*20:00 – 22:00 / Corridor / *Party

*The discussion and exhibition program “Corridor” was developed as part of
the Republic of culture workers program and is the result of collective
work and cooperation.*

*Venue: Zemstvo House, Chisinau Time: 13.00-22.00*


We invite you to follow the public program of the laboratory *Edu-Art 2022
/ Re-publica to the workers of culture / Self-organization in times of
crisis* through our telegram <https://t.me/oberliht> channel and the
facebook <https://www.facebook.com/asociatia.oberliht> page.


Participants: Annie ALBAGLI [US], Antanina BABINA [BY], Anna BANTIUC [MD],
[BY/MD], Tatiana FIODOROVA [MD], Katerina FUKSOVA [CZ], Maria GUȚU [MD],
Ruben HOLLINGER [CH], Temirtas ISKAKOV [KZ], Anna KAMAY [AM], Susan KATZ
[US], Anastasiia KHLESTOVA [UA], Iuliia KOSTERIEVA [UA], Yuriy KRUCHAK
[UA], Rada LEU [BG/CH], Aliona MAKHNACH [BY], Aynur MAMMADOVA [AZ],
[MD], Ghenadie POPESCU [MD], Elena RUSSU [MD], Asia TSISAR [UA], Shohin
QURBONOV [TJ], Elena ȘEREMET [MD], Frederikke THORNING [DK/MD], Eugeniu
ȚURCAN [MD], Vladimir US [MD], Vasiluța VASILACHE [MD], Sviatlana VOLCHAK

The House of Zemstvo <https://zpatiu.wordpress.com/> Cultural Center
appeared in 2012. It works as an independent platform based on the
principles of inclusion, openness, accessibility and self-organization. It
contributes to the diversification of cultural life in Chisinau and offers
a new understanding of the role that culture and civic engagement can have
in Moldova.


CHIOȘC AIR <http://chiosc.oberliht.org/air/> / Re-publica culture workers
<https://arteduct.wordpress.com/2022/07/15/re-publica/> is a project
organized by the Oberliht Association <https://www.facebook.com/Oberliht/> in
partnership with Open Place <https://openplace.com.ua/ru/> and supported by CEC
Arts Link <https://www.cecartslink.org/> within the Art Prospect Network
<https://www.artprospect.org/main>program, by the Danish Cultural Institute
<https://www.danishculture.com/> within the New Democracy Fund
<https://www.newdemocracyfund.org/> program, by the European Cultural
Foundation <https://culturalfoundation.eu/> and by the Embass
<https://www.mzv.cz/chisinau>y <https://www.mzv.cz/chisinau> of the Czech
Republic in Chisinau <https://www.mzv.cz/chisinau>.

full program of events
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