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Subject: Fw: „7days Dresden residency “

Here we forward the info on a low budget residency in dresden/germany. it
is not only for artists. also possible for others linked to art.
maybe you can recommend this to somebody!

„7days Dresden residency “

Application for artists
You can apply permanently, deadline is 7.th of every month

Travel costs up to 250 €
Free accommodation and studio
plus presentation

The artists have the possibility to stay and work in Dresden one week up
to 4 weeks, to meet the people around the artist space „7. Stock“ and to
participate, to see and to enjoy the events and activities there.
Afterwards there should be a presentation of your work and your
experiences in Dresden.

Please send your application via e-mail to post la stock.de, subject: „7days“
or via mail: 7.Stock c/o Marco Miersch, Förstereistraße 29, 01099 Dresden,
Please send at least three works but not more than 5 works.
You can apply permanently, deadline is 7.of every month.

Additional to the travel costs we offer free accommodation and free studio
in one and the possibility for a presentation.

See you!

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