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Rijeka, Croatia
Sept 9th 2007

MMC ( Multimedia Centre ) ltd. Rijeka
Festival of New Art FONA 07

ART AND CRIMINALITY or Artaud's "Murdered Suicide" Van Gogh

The theme we have chosen for our Festival's 2007 edition is the relation
between the art and the "realm of general": system, morality, law, tribe,
society, state, "global order": oppressive-repressive apparatus of the
Control / Prisons / Madhouses / Hospitals (Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Freud,
Artaud, Battaile, Foucault, Lacan); in brief: relation / interaction of
terms on ART / CRIME / CRIMINALITY – which is indirectly or explicitly,
since the ancient times (Plato: Phaedrus, Phaedo, The Republic) until
today, one of the "red lines" in discussions and confrontations on
questions of art led by pleiad of aestheticists and moralists.
Modern and contemporary artists have highly exacerbated these questions,
while, in so-called "vanguard", "radical", "transgressive", "extreme",
"adrenaline", "post-humanistic", "pornographic", "pirate", "outsider",
"Off" / "NO Art" / "Trans-Art" artistic practices almost regularly play on
shocking borders and edges of an official or unofficial but otherwise
generally accepted morality and law. Considering disturbing, but really
due to that, intellectually demanding fact that term "criminality" is by
no means neither natural nor strictly ethical – although, from the
juridical point of view, the speech is about "crime", or "incrimination"
of something! – we enter the whole range of artistic possibilities of
relating to this very complex and subtle problem.

"Van Gogh case" is intriguing not only in the context of appearance and
development of the modern painting, but even more as a paradigm of
internal schism taking place within the very Subject of the modern artist,
as well as an early and extreme anticipation of transgression from
disintegrating classic "picture" to symbolic self mutilation of the
author's body – this "home of the soul" that becomes too cramped for
unconscious dynamics of surpassing / destroying of an Ego.

Intuitively recognising that Van Gogh's EAR participates in all this in a
mystical manner, Ratka Lugomerski, an artist from Vojvodina, devised and
actualised PROJEKATUHO / ProjectEar – facetiously provoking reflection
upon the possible MEANING of this anamorphotic UFO-EAR that levitates
revolving around own axis over the corn field.

Likewise, copulating in public, ritual fornication with animals, and even
human corpses, "mistreating" or killing animals originating from artists –
"shamans" and various performance artists from 1960s further, present on
the contemporary "underground" as well as an elite scene. Thus, we invite
artists to participate in elaboration of this theme!

According to the Hakim Bey's famous theses on pirates, vanguardists and
"music as a principle of state organisation", as well as of TAZs
(Temporary Autonomous Zones), precisely our city Rijeka, i.e. Fume from
1919 and "on", due to the incredible "pro-fascist", and, regarding
"artistic" inspiration, PIRATE action of a militant writer Gabriele
D'Annunzio, became the last pirate utopia and – simultaneously – the
first, paradigmatic modern (trans-) artistic Temporary Autonomous Zone!

The number of home “Unadapted / Misfits” artistic offenders against the
Regulations who closely cooperate with MMC Palach: Lauer, Trokut, Sven
Stilinoviæ, Vlado Martek, the late Željko Jerman, Zlatko Kutnjak, Zlatan
Dumaniæ, Pino Ivanèiæ, “Zlobecsport”, Crtaliæ, GHETTO – project of Sonja
Baraè Rudynski, Ana Peraica, Damir Stojniæ, Krešo Kovaèiæek, Krešo Mustaæ,
Franko Bušiæ, Spartak Duliæ, Goran Karabogdan, Zuboviæ, RI PERFORMANCE

OTOK" 2000 – 2007, MMC Rijeka; "BALEFEST: BALE / VALLE 2002-2004", MMC
Rijeka & "Zlobecsport" Gallery, Bale / Valle

Goli otok as a topos of a penitentiary island i.e. prison-artistic TAZ On
Goli otok (literally: Naked island) in the period from 1949 – 1989, a
clear distinction between criminals, artists, ideological opponents and
innocent victims of the systematic paranoia, madness, conspiracy theory
and repression of the ruling regime, did not exist. In this particular
place, from 1949 – 1953, legally installed pro-regime "guardians" simply
called all convicts – "Banda!" i.e. gangsters.

This is precisely ideal situation for analysing legal notion of the guilt
and the truth, according to which is determined what is and what is not
"evil" or at least what is right to think, speak, do. Here, only Austinian
performative of a statement – speaking act in a language game
(Wittgenstein!) called "right-wrong", spoken by the proper instance from
officially established position makes someone a criminal, "evil-doer",
even if this someone is the author of "Pakao nade" / Hell of Hope, poet
Ante Zemljar, regular participant in MMC actions on Goli otok since 2000
to his recent death.


1. Only recent works / performances / actions / projects, conceived and
realised in period 2004 – 2007. will be allowed to enter the competition.
2. These can be conceived and realised in any media or technique, without

3. Age, sex, race or nation bear no importance in selection of the authors
and works entered.

4. Dimensions are not set by propositions; if any technical, financial or
spatial obstacles arise, we suggest that questions regarding work's
format, size and type should be solved as agreed. Chosen candidates will
be informed on this after receipt and selection of the works.

5. O.K. gallery board will decide the NUMBER of the works of individual
exhibitor depending of their conception, quality, dimensions and
exhibition possibilities.

6. Filled out application form, together with other materials (photos,
slides, CD, video tapes and other) and works are mailed by the authors at
their own expense (by mail, personal delivery, DHL or some other way). In
the case of loss or transport damage occurred until the moment of the
materials' and works' receipt, MMC bears neither responsibility or

7. Author will give MMC a permission to use photos, slides etc. with no
charge, with a view to a reproduction inside the catalogue, CD and other
concurrent festival materials – unless author explicitly prohibits such a
media intervention to the Organiser.

8. State of the received works will enter the Record, and MMC will inform
the author of an eventual damage.

9. Work’s return will be effectuated within 3 months from the festival's
end and will be realised in a same packing in which they came, whether by
mail, DHL or some other previously agreed transport means.

10. Works' return expenses will be covered by the organizer of the 5rd
FONA Festival Rijeka. This also applies to the works that will not enter
the selection and won't be exhibited.

11. Author will insure artworks during their transport to Rijeka, while
MMC Rijeka will cover insurance from the receipt date to the date of the
works' return to the author.

12. On account of the selection amongst the authors and works that entered
competition, O.K. Gallery Board will meet within a week from the
expiration of the Application term (August 15th 2005 – August 22nd 2005.).
Author will be informed of the Board's decision within the following 10

13. Author is renouncing the right to withdraw works during the actual
Festival, unless Organiser agrees about an earlier return.

14. In the case of disagreement, author can apply to a court in authority
(Communal Court of Rijeka or some other court, if requested by the

15. It is understood that author has accepted Organiser’s conditions
formulated in this notice by the act of sending the filled out Application
Form for participating at the 5rd Festival of New Art Rijeka 2007.

data limita: 01/08/07

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