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The art workshop was initiated in 1998 by the artist Bert Theis in the
framework of his art project for Manifesta 02 in Luxembourg in narrow
collaboration with Paul di Felice. Since then, the Casino Luxembourg has
organised a short artist residency every year in July, featuring 12 young
European artists per edition.

The art workshop 2007 deals with notions of “hereness” and “thereness”.
Between Luxembourg, Sibiu and the artists’ place of residence, the
workshop aims at triggering an interplay between the known and the
unknown, the local and the universal, between inside and outside, absence
and presence.

Focusing on the art practices of drawing, cartoon and graphic design, the
art workshop questions the relationships between objects, activities and
spaces in the context of displacement. For many artists, art today is less
a question of appropriating identities than a process of documenting the
act of passing from local to global (and vice versa). This entails and
requires a dynamic and interactive debate, which is reflected in the
artwork itself.

The art workshop 2007 addresses twelve young artists and art students
(Bachelor at least) from Romania, Luxembourg and the Greater Region, and
other European countries. The twelve participants will be selected on file
and will be invited to participate in the workshops in Luxembourg and
Sibiu. After a two-week stay in Luxembourg, the participants will continue
their work in Sibiu for another two weeks. The workshop’s purpose is to
thus create a context where pluralism and cultural differences melt, and
reflections and experiences of “art in progress” ripen and emerge.

The artists will be asked to react on local contexts and to comment on
situations by making graphic statements. During their stay in Luxembourg,
their task will be to realise an artwork. In Sibiu, the participants will
have to prove their curatorial and editorial skills by producing together
an exhibition and a publication, both retracing the “caught” passages.

Scottish artist Chad Mc Cail and Paris-based Korean artist Koo Jeong-A are
this year’s guest artists. In July, they will give a public lecture in
either Luxembourg or Sibiu, and spend a couple of days with the
participating artists.


For more information go to: www.artworkshop.lu

Kindest regards,

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fabienne bernardini
p u b l i c s

Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain
41, rue notre-dame / b.p. 345
L - 2013 luxembourg
T. +352 22 50 45
F. +352 22 95 95

public la casino-luxembourg.lu


    Vlad Nanc&#259;


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