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Subject: [aha] radio hacking+radio orchestra workshop
From:    "synusia" <synusia la libero.it>
Date:    Sun, October 7, 2007 21:58
To:      "aha" <aha la ecn.org>

Performance-oriented Workshop #1: THEREMIN-SENSOR'S NETWORKED ORCHESTRA
Organized by A=V /Munich/. Led by Andrey Smirnov ru & Guy van Belle be/sk
Hosted and supported by Department of Arts and Culture of Munich


November 20. to 24. 2007
Deadline = October 31. 2007


Kunstarkaden Sparkassenstr.3, 80.RADIO HACKING + RADIO ORCHESTRA workshop.
The radio group of Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann would have
radios to play as instruments. Everybody will be able to use their own
individually modified radio as a musical instrument. The workshop will
introduce different techniques of conducting the group with all the
participants being encouraged to bring an idea for pieces and to
experience conducting the group.
The goal of the workshop is the formation of an orchestra of
electronic musicians and performing live on the last day of the

_/More info & registration:

We can suggest an accommodation for about Euro 29/33 (single)
including breakfast.

E-mail: info la aa-vv.org
Tel: +49 089 30749611

331, Munich

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