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Vin Noi 23 21:17:28 CET 2007

Noisy-le-Sec, France

La Galerie, Contemporary Art Centre
the residency programme for a foreign curator

call for applications

Every year, La Galerie, Contemporary Art Centre in Noisy-le-Sec,
north-eastern Paris (France), hosts a foreign curator in residence for a
period of three months. The aim of the residency, first organised in 2006,
is to put on an exhibition at La Galerie within the context of a French
art centre, and to meet artists and professionals working in the
contemporary art field in France.
Free accommodation is provided (except costs of electricity, gas and
phone, payable by the curator) in a 90 m2 flat in the centre of
Noisy-le-Sec (10 minutes by train from Paris + 10 minutes walk). The flat
includes a bedroom, a living room/kitchen and a studio (55 m2 workspace).
In addition there is a 25 m2 cellar.

A total budget of 25,000 is provided by the art centre to cover artists'
and curator's travel costs, the curator's fee (3,000), transport of art
works, insurance costs, production costs, publicity (invitations, flyers,
poster, etc), the publication of a 16 page bilingual French/ English
leaflet and of a 12 page leaflet for children.

Founded in 1999, La Galerie is a contemporary art centre located in
north-eastern Paris, publicly funded by the City of Noisy-le-Sec, the
Direction des affaires Culturelles d'Île de France Ministry of Culture and
Communication, the Seine-Saint-Denis Council and the Île-de-France Region.

Its main activities are to develop a programme of five exhibitions a year
(2 thematic, 2 monographic, 1 educational), to produce art works, publish
catalogues, host artists and curators in residency and develop educational

Each exhibition is accompanied by:
- Performances and discussions relating to other fields of research
(astrophysics, psychoanalysis, philosophy, music
) open to a wide audience
- Educational activities (workshops for schools and individuals), guided
tours etc.

The exhibition space is 200 m2 on street level.

Each candidate must submit an exhibition proposal, which he/she would be
able to implement with the help of La Galerie's team.

In addition, the curator would be required to:
- Take into consideration the general artistic programme of La Galerie
- Have an interest in the French art scene and consider it in the final
exhibition proposal (through the possibility of a short visit to Paris
before the residency period)
- Engage as much as possible with the context of the art centre and
participate actively in public talks and events organised by La Galerie
- Write an introductory text and accompanying texts on the works for the
press release and the exhibition leaflet. To facilitate communication with
the La Galerie team and the public, the curator should speak French or


The application should contain:
- The curator's CV/résumé with his/her name, address, phone and e-mail
- An exhibition proposal (2 pages maximum), explaining the idea behind the
exhibition and providing a list of artists with a text and a picture for
each. The exhibition will take place 7 weeks after the curator's arrival,
so the proposal should be as comprehensive as possible.

Applications can be mailed or e-mailed to Marianne Lanavère, Director, La

After an initial evaluation, 5 or 6 pre-selected curators will be invited
to present their projects to a selection panel during a conference call in
February 2007.

data limita: 18/01/08 - postmark

La Galerie, Contemporary Art Centre
Marianne Lanavère, Director
1 rue Jean-Jaurès
F- 93130 Noisy-le-Sec
tel: +33 1 49 42 67 17
lagalerie la noisylesec.fr

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