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Vin Noi 23 21:19:52 CET 2007

Toronto, Canada
perioada: Oct. 22 - Nov 2, 2008

7th International Festival of Performance Art

the call for submissions

This is the call for submissions for 7a*11d's 7th International Festival
of Performance Art in 11 years, taking place in Toronto from October 22 –
November 2, 2008.
Organized by an unincorporated non-profit group of artists, 7a*11d
presents a series of performance art events and artist projects in a
festival setting. Our purpose is to offer a professional showcase for new
and progressive performance art works. Artist organizers will select
emerging and established artists of the highest quality from around the
world that showcase the breadth and depth of performance art as a genre.
We pay artist fees and try to subsidize travel, but please note that our
budget is limited and not adequate to support troupes or companies.


D2D - Direct to Documentation: A video program of performance documentation.

Can't come to the Festival? We still want to see your work! Send us an
edited tape [five minutes or less on NTSCVHS, Hi-8, mini-DV, CD or DVD] of
your performance documentation or performance for camera. (No PAL or SECAM
tapes, please!) Selected tapes will be curated into a screening program.
Artist fees will be paid for those selected for screening.

data limita: 15/01/08 - postmarked

c/o 386 Delaware Ave.
M6H 2T8 Toronto
performancefestival la hotmail.com

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