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Vin Noi 23 21:26:38 CET 2007

Finland, TAMPERE

Photographic Centre Nykyaika
Backlight 2008, an International Photography Triennial Festival


The 8th edition of the Festival promotes intercultural dialogue by
focusing on revealing the hidden, the veiled, the lost and forgotten. The
Festival will consist of exhibitions, a symposium with lectures,
workshops, guided tours, a residence program, portfolio review and
The title of Backlight 2008 is Tickle Attack

Tickle Attack is about Humor, Laughter, Irony, Paradox and Absurd. Artists
should submit photography-based projects that express and reflect
different artistic perspectives and interpretations through various
cultural backgrounds.

For further information please read the curators' statements The
International Call for Artists is focused on photography, but it also
accepts photography-based projects that are combined with other media.
Exhibition concept: To promote intercultural dialogue, Backlight 2008 will
organize one main exhibition that will be divided and shared by organizer
and co-organizers. Selected artworks will be displayed in different venues
throughout Europe (Florence, Lodz, Oulu, Tampere, Wolkersdorf) based on
the curators' decision and according to the thematic concept.

The exhibition will be presented in September 2008 and streamed via
Internet in order to give the audience access to the entire content.

The whole exhibition will also be presented at Lodz Photo Festival in May

If the artist states that the body of work is separable, different
pictures may be displayed in more than one venue. Organizer, co-organizers
and partners will choose the number of pictures to exhibit.

Single projects (chosen by the jury) may also be selected for additional
presentations by Backlight 2008 partners.

Loan period of artwork: All artwork must be available for one year, from
01.08.2008 until 31.07.2009.

Security of artwork: Organizers are responsible for all security aspects
related to transportation, handling and presentation of the artwork.
Artists are responsible for packing their artworks safely.

Copyright: The artist agrees that selected artwork may be used for PR

Deadline: 31.01.2008 - Applications must be in Tampere by that day.

Artists will receive confirmation of the artwork's arrival as soon as

Award: € 5.000 will be awarded to the project that hits the theme in a
most convincing way.

Production Costs: Backlight 2008 will not cover production costs.

Publications: Artwork will be visible on printed material and on the

Symposium and Residence: A number of artists will be invited for the
symposium and/or for the residence program. Invitations are based on
experience and expertise as evidenced by the portfolio and the CV.

Personal Invitations: Artists are welcome at Backlight 2008's vernissages,
however travel and accommodation costs will not be covered in general.

Application and required documentation must be sent to Photographic Centre

data limita: 31/01/08

Photographic Centre Nykyaika
Väinö Linnan Aukio 13-15
tel: +358-3-214 6677 (tel)

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